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Beatport Launches New Web-Based App For Link Subscribers, Beatport DJ

Beatport launches their new web app to streamline the process of DJing with the web.

Beatport DJ

Beatport has launched a new web-based app, Beatport DJ, for LINK subscribers.

Beatport DJ, a browser-based, MIDI compatible, DJ application that allows users to start building their library of playlists. It comes with standard DJ controls like Filters, EQs, Cue Points, Effects, Tempo Adjustment, and Looping, along with a slew of other features. With LINK, you can instantly access and preview tracks from the app. The app is there to streamline the process between various websites and other applications. There is a new “automix” function so you can see how songs transition together if you are prepping quickly or just want to throw on a playlist in the background without actually DJing for a casual thing at home. Don’t worry, you can still DJ if you want.

“We designed the software to solve the cumbersome workflow challenges of music discovery and building LINK playlists. On top of that, we know our customers need to audition the tracks to make sure the song fits in their sets. Our solution combines a host of advanced web-based technologies to give users a truly effortless experience that you would expect from dedicated desktop software,” explains Jonas Tempel, Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Beatport. 

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“To take it even further, we made it possible to connect select midi controllers via USB and bluetooth from our LINK hardware partners. In every way possible, we have exceeded our goals with this project.”

All existing LINK and LINK PRO, and LINK PRO+ subscribers will have immediate access to Beatport DJ as well as all existing LINK partner integrations with Algoriddim djay, Denon Engine OS, Hercules DJUCED, Pioneer DJ rekordbox and WeDJ, Serato DJ, PCDJ, TRIBE XR. It will be available as an entry level, stand-alone subscription tier within the LINK offering by mid-April.

Check out the web-based app here.

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