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Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Exploring The Relationship Between Weed & Sex

We asked some cannabis industry personalities for their take on the potent combo.
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Are you interested in an enhanced level of intimacy with your partner? Try introducing cannabis into the picture. Cannabis and sex have gone hand in hand for generations, with many swearing by the combination. It can lower inhibitions, increase pleasure and connection. We asked some cannabis industry personalities for their take on the potent combo. Happy exploring!

1. Sophie Saint Thomas, author of Finding Your Higher Self and Sex Witch and co-creator of The Intimacy Journal

“Cannabis lowers your inhibitions, so regularly getting high absolutely increases sexual frequency because you're more likely to ask to be bent over rather than just staring at your partner thinking about it.”

2. Mary Jane Gibson, Weed+Grub

“Cannabis makes me feel more connected to my body, impulses and partner. The blissful melting feeling I get from weed, along with a release of judgment about my body, has been transformative in my sex life. I see a huge market opening up for women of all ages to incorporate cannabis into their sexual wellness and self-care, free of shame — from cannabis lubes (I like GoLove CBD Intimate Lube) that can enhance sexual pleasure, to vaginal suppositories (like Hello Again) that can provide relief from the physical and emotional challenges brought on by menopause.”

3. Mike Glazer, Weed+Grub

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“I don’t want to speak for all men, but weed helps me worry less about my to-do list and focus more on disappearing into connective pleasure with my partner. It’s the difference between worrying I’ll have to wash the sheets, and enjoying how dirty we can make them.”

4. Brooke Burgstahler, Comedian & Founder of Budding Mind

“Cannabis gets a lot of credit for its benefits in the bedroom, but there’s one advantage for couples trying to AVOID having babies that doesn’t often get talked about! Studies show it lowers sperm count and concentration— could we have an all natural birth control on our hands?”

5. Scott Sundvor, CEO and Co-founder of Space Coyote

“Smoking weed and having sex is one of the best feelings in the world. A few puffs on a joint before diving in with a lover creates an incredible deepness of connection, where you experience layers and layers of pleasure and feel like you’re connecting directly with your partner’s soul. And best of all, it always ends with a mind-bending full body orgasm.

6. Ashley Manta, award winning sex and relationship coach and creator of CannaSexual®

"Cannabis, when used intentionally, can help address the things that get in the way of pleasure, connection, and orgasm--things like discomfort, worry, shame, and disconnection from the body. While cannabis cannot manufacture desire out of thin air, it is a helpful tool to shift into a pleasure seeking headspace. When THC and/or CBD oil are applied topically to the vulva, they can cause increased blood flow and sensation to the area, as well as jumpstart lubrication. This mimics some of the physiological sensations typically associated with arousal, which can create a positive feedback loop. You can read more about all of this in my book, The CBD Solution: Sex, or find me on Instagram @CannaSexual."

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