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EP Review: Kölsch - Isopolis

Kölsch has released a new ambient and downtempo EP inspired by life in lockdown.


Kölsch has released a downtempo, ambient EP titled Isopolis. Made during lockdown and an ode to the isolation we have been under for the past year, Isopolis is calming and meditative. He collaborates with composer and producer Mike Sheridan on two cinematic pieces.

Though the EP is largely all instrumentals, there is one track with a vocal, the more upbeat “Closer” featuring Brighton-based singer Lunar June. The 30-minute project is an elegant and beautiful listen from start to finish. Songs flow effortlessly into the next, with strings, pianos and light pads all coming together on beautiful compositions. It is a calming listen designed to reflect a world stuck in time, but it is still interesting enough to keep you attached for the full EP.

"Isopolis is an audio diary of a city in lockdown. A city in a forced, slowmotion decay. It's lifeless streets begging for the soft steps of shoes. Air longing to be inhaled. Buildings frozen in time," explains Kölsch

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Pick up a copy of the EP here and stream it below for some easy Monday listening. 

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