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object blue Releases Theatrical New EP 'Grotto'

object blue slows things down for this five-track EP.
object blue

object blue has released a new five-track EP Grotto. This project emerges from the club and towards theater and slower dance music, swirling with macabre drama, haunting melodies and some strange sounds that all come together in a rather unique way.

For inspiration, object blue drew from medieval theater and various types of drama, but giving it a happy ending.

"Grotto is a stage. It’s not a soundtrack to an existing play, but whilst creating it I was thinking about the space we move in, the characters we play, the dialogues that happen. Grotto is a bit like if King Lear had been a millennial soap opera with a happy ending; it’s me sublimating my difficult relationship with the home,” explains object blue in a statement.

“I could only envision ‘Procession of Healers’ because I survived this weird drama and I can look at it from a distance, as I am happy now. I come to this theme time and time again, but especially now because we’ve all been quarantined in our homes, and we’ve experienced the erosion of spacial boundary in our lives."

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The EP also arrived with a unique virtual live show creatively directed by object blue and her wife and creative partner, Natalia Podgórska. You can see a taste of it with the video for the EP opener “Opened Close.”

Stream the EP now and get your copy here via TT label.

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