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In Conversation: Dense & Pika [Kneaded Pains]

A hilarious chat about Colour Burn, Heavy Metal, and cooking chicken and rice

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dense & pika

Over the past decade, UK Techno-duo Dense & Pika have steadily risen to the upper echelons of the scene as a result of their hard-hitting and gritty style. With releases on the top labels and performances at the world's best venues, it's safe to say they've definitely made their mark on the techno world. After all of their successes, one might be surprised to find they've never released an album. Until recently that is. 

Their first studio album, Colour Burn, is a slight artist departure from the boxy warehouse sound they've come to be known for and features many surprising collabs with artists you'd never expect. As artists, it's important to push ourselves and do something different. That being said, the album is very much still the D&P we all know and love, and in this interview, we get to the nitty-gritty of how the album came to be, life in the midst of a global pandemic, and Chris's process for cooking his kids dinner. This was absolutely hilarious and will have you dying with hysteria.  

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