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Premiere: Nova - Fivers (IFS027)

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artist Nova with his track "Fivers" forthcoming via the record label Infernal Sounds.
Premiere: Nova - Fivers (IFS027)

Premiere: Nova - Fivers (IFS027)

One of my favorite labels Infernal Sounds are back at it with another stellar vinyl release. This one features a new face to the label, the artist known as Nova, with an EP that hits hard. The EP features three original tracks by the producer + a collaboration with dubstep vet Foamplate. With every release Infernal keeps evolving, I really rate them getting a new face involved with the label and again they've smashed it with the artwork as you can see below.

Premiere: Nova - Fivers (IFS027)

IFS027 Artwork

We are happy to premiere the track "Fivers" from the EP, which you can listen too below.

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Premiere: Nova - Fivers (IFS027):

Nova is a very sick producer, covering various aspects of the 140 sound. This production is no exception. It's a militant head wobbler with a sick little skip to it. The sub & bass he's used just keeps evolving throughout the track, going back and forth from 808 sub to a more distorted sub bass. I am really feeling this track and the whole EP is proper system type music. Make sure you cop the project when it is released on April 2nd.

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