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Producer Spotlight: Baby Audio's Parallel Aggressor Brings Those Rich Details To Your Productions

Want to edge up your productions with the perfect amount of audio seasoning to bring warmth, punch, fatness? Parallel Aggressor is your plugin!
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Baby Audio knows that it's always the little things that can make a mix sound bigger, warmer, fatter, and, well, just better. When you listen to the sounds in the samples above, they sound fine; then the Parallel Aggressor kicks in with those details that just kick it up a notch like a fine seasoning.

The Parallel Aggressor is the perfect tool for producers and engineers looking to quickly thicken up that mix and got a richer and more satisfying sound. It's got 25 presets, has a free trial and will bring your productions to the next level.

Buy Here or Take It For A FREE Trial  | Check out Spaced Out and Super VHS for other ways to boost up the vibes of your tunes.


So how does it work?

Unlock unparalleled powers.

Parallel processing plays a fundamental part in getting a "big" mix sound. By processing multiple copies of the same track and blending them together you can add more punch to a mix — in a more natural-sounding way.

It's like teamwork: Multiple copies of the same track - each focused on doing one specific job - can achieve more together than a single copy being processed to death on its own.

Parallel Aggressor is based on this simple concept. The plugin splits your audio into three equal parts:

Dry - Your original signal

Spank - A heavily compressed duplicate

Heat - A heavily saturated duplicate

Work the duplicates hard! Then combine all three signals to squeeze every drop of sonic juice out of your track.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.33.30 PM

How do I get those buttery-rich sounds?

It's all in the Workflow.

  1. Balance the three parallel signals from the main level mixer.
  2. Use the Spank and Heat knobs to dial-up the firepower of the parallel engines.
  3. The meters help you set the right amount of Spank and Heat for any audio signal.
  4. (Dial the main Spank/Heat knobs until the meters peak right before the orange line).
  5. The style knobs inject desirable sonic flavors into the parallel engines. Engage multiple at once.
  6. The solo buttons let you monitor each parallel signal individually for fine-tuning purposes.
  7. Turn on Auto Gain to get a consistent plugin output, roughly matching the input level.
  8. Output sets the global output level (post-Auto Gain).
  9. Switch between three various color schemes by clicking the top-left icon.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.37.14 PM

Easy to use, but easy does it. Too much seasoning ruins your stew.

Remarkable sound - great simplicity.

You're probably using parallel processing all over your mixes already. But Parallel Aggressor is designed to give you the maximum sonic impact with the lowest possible track count. No extra busses or mix faders are needed.

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CAUTION: As with all our plugins, we've engineered Parallel Aggressor to inject some strong sonic colorations into your mix. It usually works best as a 'flavoring tool' on individual tracks in need of extra impact. If you end up using it on sources that are already very dense or processed (like a master bus), make sure to use it subtly.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.31.15 PM

What Does What?


Spank offers an addictively punchy compression algorithm designed to adapt to your audio signal. It begins where our I Heart NY plugin ended, with improvements in sound quality, signal detection, and flexibility.

Style injection buttons: Extra Punch, Extra Smack, Sidechain Filter, Mono.


Heat is a warm, analog-modeled, saturation algorithm with an aggressive bite. It is based on our tape saturator from Super VHS, but has been rewritten and optimized for the Parallel Aggressor release.

Style injection buttons: Extra Hot, Tone, HP Filter, LP Filter.


Auto Gain ensures that the combined output of the plugin's three signals roughly matches the input/dry level. This allows you to experiment with different internal mix balances while keeping a consistent plugin output.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.56.00 PM

When you need a helping hand or some inspiration, go to the PRESETS:

Parallel Aggressor comes loaded with 25 presets created by BABY Audio and some friends of the house:

- KurtCurt (Grammy nominated engineer for 2 Chainz, Diamond D, Wiz Khalifa).

- Anthony Saffery (Billboard #1 producer for Portugal. The Man, Dirty Vegas, Cornershop).


Plugin formats: VST, VST3, AU, AAX.

Platforms supported: Mac OS 10.7 and up including Catalina / Big Sur. PC Windows 7 and up.

DAWs supported: Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason + more.

Download user manual

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