Producer Spotlight - Mixed In Key Launches Satellite Plugins 2.0 Allowing Producers To Collaborate Remotely

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, within your own DAW!
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Satellite Plugins 2.0

 is here. 

Collaborate in any DAW, anytime, anywhere

Satellite Plugins 2.0 is an innovative new VST/AU/AAX plugin that allows users to collaborate on audio projects in any DAW over the Internet. Satellite Plugins 2.0 allows musicians to connect to a Satellite Plugins session and contribute audio and MIDI parts. One person can be producing a track in Ableton Live on Windows, while another can be in Logic on Mac, and additional collaborators can join the session in other DAWs. The audio or MIDI recorded into Satellite Plugins 2.0 will automatically sync together between those DAWs on any platform, and can be easily exported. This cutting-edge plugin makes real-time collaborations possible, and eliminates the need for participants involved in the session to use the same DAW or be in the same room.

Satellite Plugins 2.0 is available for free for a limited time: HERE


Features In Satellite Plugins 2.0

-Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, within your own DAW

-Connect any DAW to Satellite Plugins 2.0 

-Invite collaborators to your session

-Record audio and MIDI into Satellite Plugins 2.0

-Export audio and MIDI recorded into Satellite Plugins 2.0 to your DAW

-Exchange audio and MIDI without bouncing or using file sharing systems

-Invite collaborators to the session by email
-Assign Host, Co-Host, VIP+, VIP and Viewer permissions to determine who can upload/download tracks and invite others to the session

-Choose to make your session public

-Back-up your sessions seamlessly to the cloud


Workflow in Satellite Plugins 2.0

Open or start a project in your DAW that you want to collaborate on

Once you have audio or MIDI to share, open Satellite Plugins 2.0 as a MIDI Instrument on a new channel in your DAW

Add Satellite Audio on any channels you want to use to record audio to Satellite Plugins 

Add Satellite MIDI on any channels you want to use to record MIDI to Satellite Plugins

Invite your collaborators by email directly from the plugin

Playback within your DAW any audio or MIDI to share; this uploads the track to Satellite Plugins. 
Once your collaborators have joined the session and uploaded audio or MIDI, it’ll appear within an instant in Satellite Plugins

Export WAV files and MIDI out of Satellite Plugins 2.0 by clicking and dragging on the down arrow in the top right corner of the audio files.

Studio Uses

Collaborate with musicians, producers and vocalists all over the world, in real-time
Host a session and invite instrumentalists to record in parts

Co-write a song with other song-writers

Reconnect with the musical community 

Generate fresh new ideas for your tracks by writing with others

Use Satellite Plugins 2.0 in your streams on Twitch and YouTube and invite your audience to collaborate

Perfect for remote session work, bands, and mixing/mastering engineers 


-Logic Pro X
-FL Studio


-Studio One




Pricing and Availability

Satellite Plugins 2.0 is free for a limited time, available here 

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