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Big sweeping orchestral strings are always something that producers crave, whether you are doing video game scores, epic hip hop or massive builds in your dance tunes - strings are clutch. The trouble is, most producers don't have extensive music theory knowledge, let alone know how to compose orchestral strings.

Ujam once again comes to the rescue, infusing Hans Zimmer's brain and Boris Salchow's chops into a truly mind-blowing instrument that is, dare we say somewhat easy to use.

Now Striiiings is still an instrument and requires some skill and a good ear, but it will give you the ability to bring massive string sections into your composition after some practice and a little riffing and arranging practice - this is a black hole, so be warned.

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Ujam Striiiings

The power of movement

Few things can bring about the same sense of poetry and expression as a beautiful string texture. Strings elevate the emotion of a song… and that's what this plugin is all about!

How Does it Work - In a nutshell, you are given three main controls, Phrases, Bass Notes, and Play Range. This is essentially a well-done sampler instrument that allows producers to experiment with strings like they never could before.

Phrases - control six progressions in the composition, from minimal to more complex, with four black keys to do orchestral fills. So, for example, you would start with something simple at C1 on your keyboard and move up and down to get different energy levels and flow, sprinkling in fills to make things more interesting. You can get lost in this process, and that's a good thing.

Bass Notes - This starts at C2 and gives you seven levels of progression, basically a whole octave worth of keys, so as you progress with your high string sections, you can quickly bring in low-end bass sounds to fill it in.

Play Range - This starts at C3 and gives you two octaves worth of high strings, which can be played as root notes, chords, etc. This is where all the action happens, and you can easily play High Strings along with Bass Notes while changing the phrases to give it movement. You will get carried away, but this is also a good thing.

The Low Strings and High Strings also come with their own sets of controls and can be toggled on or off, and the center control gives you some master controls to tweak your sounds with master effects, filter and reverb - allowing you to dial it in.

At first listen, you will hear massive orchestral sounds that feel very cinematic and sound tracky. Not to worry, if you make trap, hip hop, or dance music, there are lots of ways to integrate this instrument with some experimentation and riffing.

For example, the ATM Lost Satelite preset sounds more alien communications than string sections, so put all your preconceived notions in the trash.

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Here is a quick example that we did in a few minutes.

We quickly whipped up a drummer track in Logic Pro 10.5; we used ujam's Striiiings plugin instrument to quickly overlay some strings. The drums were punched up a bit with Accusonos' Beatformer, and the legendary ValhallaRoom was used on the strings to give them a little more depth. Striiiings syncs to the beat, and you can set it to the key of the composition, which was C# for this little diddy. Just a quick sample to show you what this amazing plugin can do.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 5.34.27 PM

So What is this?

World-class string section phrases, no string arrangement skills required. Brand-new creative performance and sound design engine by ujam. 60 playing styles, more than 200 sound designer presets. Recorded at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Studios, produced by Boris Salchow.

Hans' Studio - Jealous? Yeah, we are too. 

Hans' Studio - Jealous? Yeah, we are too. 

Million-dollar sound

Ujam is happy to count Hans Zimmer—one of the world's great film composers—as one of its co-founders. Hans generously has given ujam access to his legendary string recordings, amassed over decades, for use in the STRIIIINGS plugin.

The best of the best

Recorded on one of the world's leading scoring stages, played and recorded by the world's best musicians. So when you sit in the drives seat you will truly feel like a conductor.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 5.31.17 PM

Accessible for just about any producer for any style.

No solo instruments here, and no control over intricate details like bowing techniques. And that's a good thing, because it means you don't have to think about it. STRIIIINGS will take care of the details, so you can focus on your music.

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