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Review: Baby Audio Spaced Out

Baby Audio goes galactic
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Recently, creative plugin maker Baby Audio released a new plugin set to breathe new life into a legendary piece of hardware. Which hardware could I be talking about? I'm referring to the one and only Roland Space Echo, one of the most used and recognizable echo effect units ever made. 

It's been recreated, emulated, copied, and whatever other noun you can think of countless times over the years, but the people at Baby Audio set out to create something fresh and modern, without losing the magic. Thus, Spaced Out was born. 

Baby Audio Spaced Out

Baby Audio Spaced Out


As mentioned, Baby Audio's Spaced Out is a modern take on the classic Roland Space Echo. The company challenged itself to create something that was more than just another emulation. Something that was both unique and, most importantly, fun to use. As is the case with the rest of their plugins.


Spaced Out packs a lot of features into a small package, making it a one-stop-shop kinda deal for adding lush dimension to your sounds. Below is a list of some of the top features, but for a full list, click here



  • 16-step sequencer
  • Textures: Clean, Wonky, Lofi, Hazy
  • Analog modeled filters


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  • X-Y joystick control for morphing between reverb length and modulation
  • Programs: Vacuum, Small, Medium, and Outer Space reverb sizes
  • Stardust adds shimmer to the reverb tail
  • Clean-up feeds an altered dry signal into the algorithm for a less dense reverb

Central Mixer

Central Mixer

Central Mixer

  • X-Y joystick for morphing between Space and Echo
  • Generate: a musically tuned randomize function
  • Lift-Off: glues Space and Echo together through a combination of compression, mid-side processing, and EQ.


A while back we did reviews on Baby Audio's Super VHS and Comeback Kid delay, and we were massive fans. The biggest winner for me personally was just how simple and intuitive the plugins are. As much as I love getting under the hood and noodling away, most times I prefer to just stick a plugin on and have it do something cool with as few clicks as possible. Spaced Out does just that. 

I usually never read the manual, so I stuck to the protocol and dove straight in. Within minutes I had something cool and weird, which took the acid line I made and sent it straight into deep space. I actually didn't even realize there were presets until I checked out the manual to see exactly what I had been doing. The first patch I made included using the Lofi Echo and the Outer Space program. 

I also found the Lift-Off feature really cool as it adds more cohesion to the sound, but also seems to take up more space. A bit of EQ after the effect would take care of that, but it's something to keep in mind should you want to use it. I put it both directly on the TD-3 channel and as a return, and I found it better as a return. It's a bit CPU heavy, at least for my computer. Running vocals through it creates some really cool textures as well.


Once again, Baby Audio hits the nail on the head. Fun, fast, and easy to use in a sleek compact package. Is this the ultimate delay plugin? Probably not, but the depth to ease of use ratio is perfect. One thing I didn't mention above is that it sounds excellent. Sometimes these plugins can lack body, but Spaced Out sounds lush. One thing I did find a bit less ideal is on the mixer section, the X-Y knob is a bit touchy and small movements can have rather large changes on sound. That could also be purely based on the settings I had. Overall, Spaced Out is an excellent plugin worth checking out. 


Regularly $69 (niceee), but currently on sale for $39

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