Spotlight: Kwettr - Online Marketing Platform For The Music Industry

Kwettr will offer a slew of services for artists across the music business.
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Kwettr, a boutique marketing agency, now expands its platform to add a DIY music marketing service. The platform will enable artists and record labels to grow their fanbase and revenue.

Founded by Bas Kruijssen (New Media & Marketing Manager Black Hole Recordings) and Arny Bink (co-founder Black Hole Recordings), the company has its headquarters in Breda, Netherlands. It was launched this month.

“Our new platform enables artists and record labels to reward their loyal fans with exclusive content, create smart messaging tools for social media and above all gain valuable insights in their marketing efforts.” Bas Kruijssen says.

“We listened to the growing demand for affordable ways to market music. Instead of hiring expensive tech- and marketing companies to create tools, we made a platform that enables artists to make these tools themselves, saving them time and money.”

Kwettr started as part of Dutch record company Black Hole Recordings. Over 20 years of music industry and marketing experience lead to the creation of Kwettr, a set of tools for artists to promote their music in a new, innovative way, using artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analysis tools.

Kwettr will have products and services like direct messaging campaigns, influencer marketing, unlock tools, Spotify marketing and more, while generating reports and data analysis.

Prices on packages range from 0 to €349 per month. Head to their website to find out more.

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