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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of March 2021

Featuring new music from Fade Black, Pola & Bryson, Hillsdom, Mollie Collins & Ruth Royall, and more
Pola & Bryson press shot taken by Hana Makovcova

Pola & Bryson

As things seem to slowly be getting back to normal and finally there is an end in sight to all of this lockdown madness, we’re getting more excited than ever to get back in to the rave, enjoying drum & bass as it was meant to be enjoyed on a massive sound-system in the middle of a field with our pals and cans of warm cider with not a care in the world apart from IDing whatever track is melting our faces. While it’s not quite summer yet, it’s easy to stay positive with so much good music being released, and this month we’ve been treated to more than a few gems. With stunning liquid releases from Pola & Bryson, Edlan and Smote, Mollie Collins & Ruth Royall, plus a few heavier tunes from the likes of Sam Binga & Chimpo and Burr Oak, we’ve never been more ready to get back in the rave! So, without further ado, The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of March 2021:

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1. LSB & DRS – “High As She” (Break Remix) (Footnotes)

Three names that need no introduction, Break’s remix of LSB & DRS’s “High As She” is nothing short of exceptional. Cinematic, romantic, and an absolute classic, this record is pure gold from the heartfelt vocals to the shimmering piano riffs and everything in between, a charming and soulful piece of magic that has us falling in love with music all over again.

2. Fade Black – “Far Gone” (Critical) 

Their first Critical release of the year, Fade Black’s “Far Gone” is everything we love most about drum & bass, fusing together elegant vocal melodies, crisp snares, weighty subs, and more; the juxtaposition of those elegant, deeper sounds against the harsher, more frenzied elements and sinister basslines makes for a track you will want to listen to over & over again.

3. Pola & Bryson – “Under” feat. Lauren Archer (Shogun) 

It simply does not get much more beautiful than this record here. Two of the most talented liquid producers in the game, the Pola & Bryson moniker has become synonymous with striking production over the years, and paired with Lauren Archer’s angelic voice is just a dream come true! Taken off their forthcoming third album on home label Shogun, Pola & Bryson have once again stolen the nation’s hearts with this sublime & heavenly number – pure bliss!

4. Kings of The Rollers – “Shella” feat. Chimpo (Halogenix Remix) (Hospital) 

Undoubtedly one of our favorite artists in recent years, Halogenix is a name that never ceases to impress. His latest offering is a remix for Hospital’s favorite DnB trio Kings of The Rollers; this one’s a shella! Infusing his signature leftfield funky bass into the gritty original, Halogenix makes this one completely his own for a truly standout tune this month.

5. Hillsdom – “Tell Me Your Lies” feat. Sayntei (Program) 

Returning to RAM’s sister label Program for their first release of 2021, English duo Hillsdom have created another sonic masterpiece with “Tell Me Your Lies.” Seamlessly combining organic ambience with mechanical textures, the production on this is out of this world, paired perfectly with the rugged and raw voice of Sayntei.

6. Mollie Collins & Ruth Royall – “Remedies” (UKF)

2021 has so far proven to be a great year for women in drum & bass as we’re slowly starting to see steps being taken to reduce the gender gap in the genre, and this release from Mollie Collins & Ruth Royall proves women have what it takes to compete with the men. A stunning liquid number, Ruth Royall’s vocals soar over gentle, elegant production; “Remedies” is sure to tug at your heartstrings from start to finish.

7. Sam Binga & Chimpo – “Murda Dem” ft. Slay (Critical) 

An iconic pairing, “Murda Dem” brings together two legends in the scene, Sam Binga & Chimpo for the future classic “Murda Dem” featuring Slay on vocals. Frenzied and finessed, this bass heavy number is sure to go down a treat in the rave and a strong contender from Critical for best track of the month.

8. Edlan & Smote – “Skyfalls” (Liquicity) 

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One of our favorite breakthrough liquid producers, Edlan teams up with Smote for this luxurious moment on Liquicity, taken from the former’s upcoming debut album. With elegant piano at the forefront, the track’s melodies create a comforting atmosphere you could easily sink in to, wrapping the listener in a warm, harmonious blanket.

9. Sleepnet – “Love No More” (VISION)

1/3 of Noisia, Nik Roos' Sleepnet’s appearance into the world of drum & bass paired with plenty of internet speculation definitely has made it easier to come to terms with the splitting of the world famous trio. Delivering intricate sounds with deadly precision, “Love No More” is as creative as it is polished, breaking the mould with finesse and dexterity that, if not a former Noisia member, comes from a true master, whoever he or she may be.

10. Dimension – “Altar” (Dimension) 

Dimension’s debut album has certainly been the talk of the town this month, and while a lot of our favorites saw the esteemed producer experiment outside of drum & bass with tracks like “UK Border Patrol” and “Psycho,” and a few standout singles being previously released, there were still a few previously unreleased DnB gems on the album including “Altar.” A sinister dancefloor weapon, “Altar” is reminiscent of his older sounds with a fresh twist and an easy favorite on the album.

11. hayve feat. Imallryt – “Heavy Right Now” (Viper) 

The comforting liquid number we all needed this month, newcomers to the scene hayve team up with Imallryt for “Heavy Right Now” on Viper. A sweet serenade in every sense of the word, “Heavy Right Now” perfectly captures the mood of the nation as we slowly start to ease out of lockdown, coming out of what has been such a long winter with finally a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel.

12. Mr Joseph, Identified, and T.R.A.C. – “Desperate Lies” (Fizzy Beats)

Glimmering melodies swoon over lavish vocals on this three way collab from Mr Joseph, Identified, and T.R.A.C. Equal parts enchanting and soothing, this mystical number is a 6 minute trip to paradise, a moment of peace in a busy world. Serene and sophisticated, this hidden gem is a sure-fire favorite this month.

13. Sweetpea & Chickaboo – “The Jump Off” (Spearhead) 

A suspenseful, murky number, Sweetpea teams up with the legendary MC Chickaboo for “The Jump Off.” Visceral, dark, and surreptitious, this track begs to be played deep in the underground, a fitting tribute to the genre’s origins with a modern flair that will keep you coming back for more.

14. Burr Oak – “Teleporter” (Blackout) 

Burr Oak have been turning more than a few heads lately, likely due to their vicious and chaotic brand of drum & bass. Hectic yet crisp, “Teleporter” is the newest in a slew of huge releases from the duo, cementing their place in the world of seriously evil neurofunk.

15. Low:r – “Oooga” (Galacy) 

This one from Low:r became quite the unexpected favorite this month – it’s funky infusions are a whole lot of fun and something a bit unusual. Released on Liquicity’s sister imprint Galacy, Low:r has created such a groovy track that you can’t help but bop along to.

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