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Annie Mac Leaving BBC Radio 1 This Summer

After starting at BBC Radio 1 as a radio assistant in 2002, Annie Mac is stepping away from the radio station this summer.
Annie Mac Lost & Found 2018

Annie Mac

Annie Mac will leave her position at BBC Radio 1 this summer. She made the announcement today on her socials. She will have her final show on July 30, 2021.

The Irish DJ joined Radio 1 in 2002 as a broadcast assistant and quickly became one of its best DJs with her taste, charm and personality. She got her own show in 2004 with Annie Mac’s Mashup on Thursdays, then moved to Fridays and has since done shows throughout the Radio 1 schedule, including over the past six years each week night with a flagship music show.

In her statement, she outlined why she is leaving and what she wants to do instead (see her kids and other projects).

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"So why leave?,It's all about time really. I need more time to see my kids in the evening now they are both in school. I would like more time to write fiction and to create podcasts. I also love the idea of leaving the party (and make no mistake working at Radio 1 does feel like a party) with a huge smile on my face, when I'm still having the most fun I can have. I will be coming back to radio broadcasting when the time is right."

Read her full statement below.

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