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BABY Audio Launches Smooth Operator Plugin

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BABY Audio Smooth Operator

BABY Audio Smooth Operator

Today, innovative audio company BABY Audio has announced its latest plugin, Smooth Operator. Smooth Operator is an Intelligent Signal Balancer that uses spectral processing to automatically resolve fatigued frequencies and bring out clarity.

Smooth Operator combines resonance suppression, equalization and spectral compression into a singular and intuitive workflow. Its detection algorithm adapts to incoming audio 44,100 times per second, giving users full control over their signal – regardless of how it changes over time. 

Key Features

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  • Brings out clarity and smoothness across instruments, vocals, and mix busses
  • Allows for creative tone-shaping without artifacts or harsh resonances
  • Intelligent algorithm that automatically detects and resolves fatigued frequencies
  • An alternative to EQ, compression, and resonance suppression in one unified workflow
Smooth Operator Gif Animation

Grab it now for an introductory price of $69. Click here for more info

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