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Envisioning A New Psychedelic Paradigm This Bicycle Day

Learn more about LSD, the Swiss father of psychedelic medicine, and the importance of this special day, Bicycle Day.
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Kaya Blaze DoubleBlind

You may be wondering...What is Bicycle Day? On April 19, 1943, the Swiss father of psychedelic medicine Albert Hofmann dropped lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and went on an adventure through the streets of Basel, Switzerland, on his bike — we mark this pivotal experience as a day to celebrate the many wonders of “acid.” We asked the founders of DoubleBlind, Shelby Hartman and Madison Margolin, plus others in the plant medicine industry, to share their thoughts on the importance of this day.

Shelby Hartman, Co-Founder & CEO of DoubleBlind:
Bicycle Day has long been a holiday for psychonauts around the world, but with the booming psychedelic renaissance, it's taken on new meaning. How can we envision a new psychedelic paradigm while honoring those, like Albert Hofmann, who came before? How can we make psychedelics accessible to those who need them for healing without sterilizing psychedelic culture? In 2021, can we make space for those who simply want to explore other states of consciousness—to claim their right to cognitive liberty—while creating supportive containers for people who want them? I hope so.

Madison Margolin, Co-Founder, Editorial Director of DoubleBlind
"Bicycle Day is an opportunity to take stock of where we—the psychedelic community—are as a culture, industry, and mental health space. Yes, this is a day to enjoy psychedelics and have fun, but also a day to reflect on the history of the movement: Who do we have to thank for where we are today? Who has been edged out? Whose voices do we need to be hearing more of, and how do we want our community to look in one year from now, or five, or fifty? 

The most important thing that I think we can take away from this holiday is reflecting on who has access to psychedelic medicine, and how we can build a culture that's founded upon psychedelic values and ethos that truly uproot the unhealth of the capitalist systems that we so far have been functioning (and crumbling) underneath. Psychedelic therapy offers hope for a new paradigm, but we have to do the work integrating."

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Brooke Burgstahler, Creative, Actress, Founder of Budding Mind:
“Can you believe LSD is really just a couple of compounds that could change the world? This ever-wise substance has returned to the center of so many peoples' lives to help us to normalize the supernatural, and reunite with magic on Earth. When you make the decision to welcome LSD into your system, you are committing to not only your own expansion, but the expansion of our collective consciousness. So — thank you!” 

Jeffrey Welsh, Partner at Vicente Sederberg & Co-founder of Composite Agency: 
A quote by Terence McKenna comes to mind when I think of this day and the important role cannabis and psychedelics should play in our society: "If the words ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.” 

Cait Curley, Entrepreneur, Artist, Activist
“I love that psychedelic culture is progressing and Bicycle Day is becoming more widely known and celebrated. Psychedelics are transforming the world’s view on mental illness as they have the ability to unlock the brain to remodel itself. From treating depression and anxiety to helping manage addiction and unhealthy habits, there are a ginormous amount of benefits. The altering substances have become a breakthrough in personal therapy... On a universal level, they are capable of bringing human consciousness to a more understanding and thankful place.” 

Scott Sundvor, CEO and Co-founder of Space Coyote
Space Coyote was founded on psychedelics (true story — we were tripping on mushrooms during a meteor shower in Joshua Tree when we came up with the name 'Space Coyote'). We believe in exploring the psychedelic side of cannabis and celebrating the stoner. We're also big supporters of decriminalizing and legalizing psychedelics. As an ode to Albert Hofmann and the pioneers of psychedelic medicine, we've made Bicycle Day, April 19th, a company holiday, where we encourage our employees and customers to get out in nature, spend time with the people they love, and if they're in the mood for it, to go on a little trip of their own.”

Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Co-founder of Harborside & Last Prisoner Project
“Bicycle Day remains an important milestone for the ongoing mission of flooding the people with plant medicine and restoring balance to humanity's stewardship of Mother Earth. Many plants have been used by our ancestors for ceremonial and healing purposes, including ergot, which Dr. Albert Hoffman utilized more recently as the basis for LSD synthesis. On this Bicycle Day, keep pedaling and thank a plant when you reach your peak.”

Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson, Weed + Grub
“Set and setting are EVERYTHING for psychedelics. Mike does not recommend trying LSD for the first time at a hip-hop festival in Las Vegas... it was very intense! This year, we used a week in Big Bear to rest, restore and reset with a psychedelic experience, which felt necessary.”

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