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FANGS Provides Music For Cryptocurrency Site

The LA-based artist further closes the gap between music and crypto.


Recently, artist LA-based artist FANGS further closed the gap between music and cryptocurrency via music for website The free website mesmerizes crypto traders around the world with hypnotic visualizations of real-time crypto transactions on a world map. That experience is now enhanced by a live radio broadcast that accompanies the global trading action.

FANGS, who is known for merging music and visual art, describes the project as "insanely challenging and rewarding." He continues, "The trick was producing a musical vibe that matches unpredictable visuals, which alternate between frantic bursts and smooth flows, and make the sound appealing across all languages and cultures.”

The website owner Price Givens said "We've had a large audience for years, but they had no idea that was always meant to have a soundtrack. When we finally launched the radio broadcast it clicked with the users. They adopted the new feature immediately. In the first day, tens of thousands of users tuned in and stay tuned in for hours.”

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FANGS, who also contributed to the graphical design of the site, composed an initial mix of 25 songs: some from his existing catalog but mostly bespoke tracks written for the soundtrack project. "This is new ground for artists," he says. "My music gets more exposure in one day on than it does in a month on traditional streaming services. I'm talking to artists around the world that want to get involved.”

FANGS and the team behind aren't stopping, they are busy applying their vision to new projects that leverage cryptocurrency and empower content creators to gain access to large audiences and monetize their art. FANGS and Givens didn't divulge specifics but suggested "It's interesting to offer tracks from the soundtrack as NFTs, but it's a lot more interesting to earn micropayments directly from the audience, forever."

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