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Magnetic Mix 143: PLUS:ONE+

A house and tech heavy mix from rising California talent PLUS:ONE+.
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Today, the Magnetic Mix introduces Southern California rising talent PLUS:ONE+. After being introduced to electronic music at a very early age, it’s safe to say his taste in music has evolved over the years. Growing up his number one artist was Michael Jackson, the renowned pop star. He loved the energy Michael channeled and it wasn’t until later in life he realized he wanted to do the same. Simply put, he wanted to move crowds and change the way people felt. PLUS:ONE+ started dabbling in music production at the age of nine thanks to his father who was an engineer for IBM and later Apple. 



Roughly two years after graduating high school he began to take music more seriously. From creating hip-hop beats in his DAW for his friends to rapping on them himself. It wasn’t until later on when he re-discovered discotheque in the form of “House Music” he began going in that direction. “Low end has always been important to me,” he says. “Bass is just something you can feel in your soul.” PLUS:ONE+ currently has an ear for house, funk, disco, minimal & techno. Even then, those genres have never limited him in terms of creation. 


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