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Producer Spotlight - Mixed In Key 10 Has Been Announced

The OGs are back with Mixed In Key 10, so if you want the best key detection software in the game, use this.
Mixed In Key 10

Mixed In Key 10

If you have been in the DJing hustle for a while, then chances are you know what Mixed In Key is. They were the first developer to release software 15 years ago that accurately identified the key of your track so you could, well mix in key or mix harmonically.

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So what exactly is Mixed In Key 10?

Mixed In Key 10 has the best key detection in the world. For over fifteen years, Mixed In Key has consistently ranked #1 in key detection accuracy. The latest version is designed to accurately detect the true key of any track, sample, or loop. The world’s top DJs and producers rely on Mixed In Key to make their mixes sound perfect. This software is the industry standard for detecting the key of loops and beats and works perfectly in tandem with pitch-correction software like AutoTune. It also writes meta-data to Serato, Traktor, Pioneer Rekordbox and other DJ software.

Whether mixing together whole tracks, vocals, or samples, Mixed In Key 10 is the secret weapon for DJs and producers. By providing the most accurate key for mixing, Mixed In Key enables DJs to put together mashups and complex mixes that sound harmonically flawless. The latest version includes a new key detection algorithm, the ability to export cue points to Rekordbox, and a fresh, new interface look for 2021.

What’s new with MIK 10?

Improved key detection algorithm.

Mixed In Key has the most accurate key detection algorithm in the music industry. The latest version combines the work of American, British and Swiss data scientists to create an algorithm that exceeds the previous version’s results by 10%, which already had the highest-ranked key detection in the world. The new version uses the latest advances in machine learning and data science to improve key detection on difficult songs and provide the best key results for any genre of music. This release coincides with Mixed In Key’s 15 year anniversary, and version 10.0 celebrates the last 15 years of working in this field of Key Detection science.

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Mixed In Key Cue Points Settings

Mixed In Key Cue Points Settings

Export your cue points to RekordBox - By popular demand, Mixed In Key 10 adds the ability to use its automatically generated cue points in Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software. This has been a highly requested feature, and tutorials for how to export cue points to Rekordbox are now available on Mixed In Key’s YouTube channel.

Mixed In Key 10 UI

Mixed In Key 10 UI

New user interface - Mixed In Key 10’s design is a nod to the classic look of Mixed In Key 5.5. The historically significant 5.5 coincided with the rise of EDM, and was one of the most beloved versions of Mixed In Key in history. Version 10 pays homage to this classic version.

Other features include:

* Energy-level detection - every song is ranked 1-10 on how danceable it is, using Mixed In Key’s patented algorithms

* Automatic cue points generation - Mixed In Key generates up to 8 cue points for each track, based on the Mixed In Key patented work in music analysis and DJ set preparation

* Tag editing for the ID3 tags - this feature allows users to clean up tags in their music library

Supported file formats: Any of the following file formats can be imported and analysed in Mixed In Key: .wav, .mp3, .aif/.aiff, .m4a, .m4p, .mp4, .flac

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