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The latest release from Scotland’s rising talent Boy North puts him on the map to becoming one of the UK’s most exciting new producers. Released via Another Rhythm, "Need You By My Side" is a potent blend of lush piano chords over a powerful breakbeat rhythm. It’s a track that blends melodic house, with elements of techno in a unique and accomplished style. The production standard is way beyond the rising producers years and promises a lot more to come. This is the first track to emerge from a forthcoming five-track EP. 

Raised in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, he inherited a lot of his musicality from his father. It wasn't until his teenage years when he first developed a taste for electronic music. It wasn’t long before his exquisite production style picked up support from the likes of Lane 8, Joris Voorn, Kölsch and Yousef, he soon went on to release with the likes of Fat! Records, Purified Records and Songspire.

On "Need You By My Side", Boy North has laid down a marker for his own style of melodic electronica. Gracefully blending melodic elements and harder, breakbeat drums - he’s a certain name for the future. Speaking on the new single he states:

“Taking inspiration from the likes of Bicep and Ejeca I really felt like 'Need You By My Side' is taking the emotive side of my usual style and throwing it together with the aggressive breakbeat drums and has created something special. It’s a lot more powerful and aggressive than my usual style. I always write by taking emotions and memories from different moments in my life so far and for this one it was no different.”

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