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Spotlight: How an East Coast Startup Revolutionized Telehealth Long Before COVID

There has never been such a great demand on the telehealth industry.
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The telehealth industry has been growing since the dawn of the internet due to the ease of communication it offers. As the network grew, it became easier to connect with healthcare services remotely. In a time like this, where COVID-19 is running rampant across the world and making life difficult for both patients and healthcare systems alike, there has never been such a great demand on the telehealth industry. However, there is one startup that has done more to revolutionize the medical marijuana telehealth industry than any other, even long before COVID-19.

Veriheal – the revolutionary Cannatech platform

Veriheal is a company that has helped make New York state medical marijuana more easily accessible to millions, and the same goes for states all across the country. Not only is the platform a standout blog with its Cannabis Central space, but it also makes the application process of medical marijuana cards simpler by connecting cannabis users to qualified physicians. This has proved to be very important during the COVID-19 pandemic when it has been unprecedentedly difficult for patients to leave their homes and collect them.

It is no doubt that people have been using telehealth services more in the last 12 months than they normally would, primarily because of the pandemic. For this reason, platforms like Veriheal have found themselves right in the middle of it, and they have taken advantage while also making life much easier for millions of people. While telehealth visits have gone up, Veriheal managed to expand its business by offering their services to patients in states where telehealth is currently allowed for medical marijuana evaluations. The telehealth industry is vital in times like these, largely due to the impact the pandemic has had on people’s social lives. With a lack of interaction for many, problems like anxiety and depression are rife, which both show symptoms that can be alleviated through medical marijuana.

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Future potential

More than 2.5 million people used Veriheal’s service in 2020. Their network of medical cannabis users and qualified physicians helps to make the world of medical marijuana even more accessible than ever before. It will likely start a trend of similar companies and business models, responding to the need for more remote services, especially in the healthcare industry. With medical cannabis use on the rise, and many hopeful that the MORE act will bring about more reform, we could see massive changes in the world of medical marijuana in the near future.

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