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The Ride1Up Roadster V2 Is The Perfect eBike For Urban Cruising

Meet the ebike for people that don't like ebikes; the ultra-sleek Roadster V2 is your perfect companion for crushing city streets.

A couple of years back, we reviewed our first eBike, the MTN 500 from Ride1up, and it's been a two-wheel love affair ever since. Ebikes are the perfect ride for people who are not hardcore cyclists but still want something that will commute well, give you some exercise, and a solid alternative to a gas guzzler.

There are so many brands, models, classes, that it's hard for the newbie to figure out the best solution for their needs. Ride1up offers various models and is a factory-direct brand, meaning that you get significant savings because there is no middle man. So check out their site for all the models; for this review, we will focus on Roadster V2.

So who is the Roadster V2 designed for?

The RV2 is a bike designed for urban environments and paved surfaces, whether it's a city street or a suburban bike path; this bike works with pedal assist in giving you a smooth and quiet ride. It's perfect for casual commuters and recreational cruising; it's light and lean and looks like a regular single-speed cruiser.

If you have a short city commute to work or take the bike on a bus or train, this model is perfect due to its lightweight frame and smooth belt drive. Many eBikes clock in around 55-60 lbs and can be a bit cumbersome for those making urban commutes. The rather svelte RV2 is 33 lbs and is easy to carry up a flight of stairs, get on an elevator, etc.

Ride1UP Roadster

How Does It Ride?

The Roadster V2 feels like a slick single-speed road bike/fixie and rides smoothly with its belt drive and quiet pedal-assist motor. This model is a bike for more cycling/fixie enthusiasts and can manage a more aggressive seating position than your typical ebike cruiser.

The wheels are just wide enough to manage city streets confidently, and the handlebars, while short, still give you decent control. If you are more of a novice or want slightly more control of the bike, you could easily add wider bars and marginally fatter tires. We even considered making this a gravel bike for a minute, which it probably would excel at.

The rubberized belt drive is a nice add-on and is a lot more user-friendly than your old school chain, and requires less maintenance. The drive train is also virtually silent, so even when you are in pedal assist mode you can barely hear the motor.

Another thing that separates this eBike from its beefier brethren is that there is no throttle, just pedal assist with five levels for varying power. In a way, the various levels kind of act like gears, with one giving you a little bump and five giving you full-blown power and quickly powering you up to 24 mph if you are giving it your full pedaling power on a flat or downhill stretch.

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Summary Thoughts

If you have been looking for an ebike that can sub out for public transit and get you around town for short work commutes and recreational cruising, the Roadster V2 checks all the boxes. The bike itself is built incredibly well, is light and agile, and can be modified for a variety of riding styles with larger tires, wider handlebars, etc. So if you live in a city and don't have a lot of space to store your bike, this one is for you. It will easily hang in an apartment and go up and down stairs with ease.

If you are in the burbs, It's also suitable for bike paths/lanes for riders that just want to get out and ride with a bit of pop to go the distance. It works great when powered off too, so if you're going to go full human power, you got this. The bike also comes in three colors, burgundy, black, and silver, as well as two frame sizes, 52 cm, and 58 cm, so you have some options.

If you are looking for more of a full-blown cruiser/commuter with a more extended range and more cargo power or go full off-road, this bike is probably not going to do it for you - so best to check out other models.

MSRP - $1095 - this comes in right on the money for similar models in the direct-to-consumer market and is a solid value for the quality of bike you are getting.


Roadster V2 Stats | Learn More / Buy Here 

Speed - Class 3 electric bike, pedal assist up to 24 mph

Motor - Efficient 350w geared hub motor with 40nm torque

Range - 20-35 miles depending on rider weight, terrain, incline, level of assist, etc.

Frame - 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame, integrated 36V battery and electric components

Comfort - Frame geometry & components built for road performance

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