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It's time to look back on the synth tracks we missed from April. Indie Discotheque has put together a fantastic collection of synth-heavy songs for you this month! Load these tunes in, turn up your loudest speakers and let’s get that living room dance party going in full swing.

Take time to enjoy and explore the sounds below. We have a Spotify playlist, and you can also check out the rest of the synth charts here.

1. Gaspard Auge - Force majeure

Gaspard Auge of Justice has burst out into the open with brand new tracks that are definitely influenced by the primary project. “Force majeure” is a signature piece that is filled with an overflow of synth chords, whirring, and momentous percussion for the instant dancefloor rush.

2. Emil Rottmayer - Deep Water

This month brings us more beautiful synth work from Emil Rottmayer, who manages to find a place at or near the top of this chart almost every time a beautiful track like “Deep Water” is released. The clarity and arrangement of the production manages to grab me every time.

3. Zane Alexander - Noir

We’re definitely into the chill synth influence with this new one from Zane Alexander, but “Noir” is an upbeat track with some amazing chords and twinkling elements. I think the muffled effect is a bit too strong with this one; I’d love some clarity. But the songwriting is wonderful.

4. Jordan F - Club Italo

There are some mild trance elements occurring in “Club Italo” and some massive 80s feels. It’s just great to have more music from Jordan F, who has been releasing amazing tracks for years and remains one of the synth artists I always look forward to hearing new material from.

5. Shadowrunner - Sunrise feat. Primo

“Sunrise” is awash with synth and conjures imagery of rays of light breaking across the sky. The composition exposes emotions and pushes them forward. Vocally, the performance is amazing and speaks of someone who has lost themselves into their own minds, and awaiting their return.

6. O.N.O - Don’t You Know feat. Praa

There is a lot of bounce in “Don’t You Know,” and the vocals from Praa are woven beautifully with the complex synth elements that are layered across the arrangement. This is a track I’d love to also hear in an alternate arrangement, stripped down with an easier pace to expose the vocal a bit more.

7. Computerbandit - You Are Digital

The synth is thick in this track from Computerbandit. It stabs and pounds, with simple audio elements about everything, emphasizing the theme of being digital, driving and escaping time with a vocal performance that maintains a monotone sound and is and paced steadily.

8. Michael Elliot - Love

Truly gorgeous synth work occurs throughout “Love” by Michael Elliot, with vocal accent sampling repeated across the composition. While these are sounds we’ve heard before, he manages to arrange them into a track that feels fresh and is a true reprise for today.

9. Johnny Ola - Lost Control

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A slower tempo in comparison to many of the other tracks featured, Johnny Ola certainly pulls influence from Com Truise, as many artists do these days, but “Lost Control” doesn’t reach for the clarity; instead the artist opts for muffled effects that so many experiment with these days.

10. Midnight Drift - Hide Away

The pulsating bed of synth across “Hide Away” will wrap you like a warm blanket, and the vocal performance rings with honesty. There are so many layers of synth and percussion going on in this track, but Midnight Drift skillfully brings cohesion to the arrangement.

11. Oddio Factory - The Prophet (for Sasha)

“The Prophet (for Sasha)” is one of the darker sounding tracks of the bunch this month, with wobbling tension, minor chords, and blips and bloops pulsating to voice sampling in an echo chamber. This is a long one at almost 10 minutes, but the journey is worth the experience.

12. 2DCAT - Sunset (SITD Remix)

This remix excites me for personal reasons. SITD is a project that I used to play in the clubs 15-20 years ago (primarily their track titled “Snuff Machinery,”) and its great to hear their approach to this song. 2DCAT brings beauty in a vocal that compliments the dark soundtrack.

13. Alex Frankel - Still Got It

Alex Frankel definitely still has it. The Holy Ghost! front man uses a robotic vocal effect to keep this disco track tilted to the synthetic. The vocal layering in the track is choral in nature and puts this piece in contention for broadway show inclusion. Excellent songwriting from start to finish.

14. Ready in LED - Whatever

This is a project that is super underrated right now. The songwriting, production, and creativity involved in the crafting of this album and associated video work is top-tier stuff. Wonderfully done. If you haven't taken a trip into the world of Ready in LED yet, you need to do that now.

15. All the Damn Vampires - Tame You

Closing out the chart this month is an amazing vocal-forward performance from All the Damn Vampires. The passion pours freely in “Tame You,” with an atmospheric synth soundtrack that beautifully accompanies the vocal, and the percussion arrangement is perfect for the dancefloor.

I've got some playlists for you. We're going to do a bit of recap... here is a playlist with this month's tracks:

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