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Arc’teryx Launches ReBird Program To Reuse & Upcycle Existing Clothing Into New Clothes

Customers will also be able to trade in items they’re no longer wearing.
Arc’teryx Equipment Bags Upcycle

Arc’teryx Equipment Bags

Arc’teryx Equipment, a global design, apparel and equipment company, has launched a new program ReBird, which will reuse and upcycle existing clothing into new clothes.

Their upcycled and repurposed produced take materials saved from waste, and worn-beyond-optimum-function gear, to give them new life, for bags, backpacks, jackets, shirts and more. Among those include the Arc'teryx's upcycled Stowe Windshell, made from end-of-the-roll materials reclaimed from the production process, along with the brand’s first-ever upcycled products crafted from post-consumer materials, the Upcycled Tote and Pouch.

They are also allowing costumers to trade in items they’re no longer wearing, in exchange for a gift card, and products are repaired, cleaned and listed on the Arc’teryx resale website.

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This is all part of the company’s goal of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 65% by 2030. 

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