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Bassnectar Sued By Two More Women For Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking

They join the previously announced suit in April to bring the total to four alleged victims in the suit.
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Content warning: this article contains accounts of sexual harassment and assault.

Two more women have sued Bassnectar of sexual abuse and human trafficking. The original lawsuit filed against the DJ and producer, real name Lorin Ashton on the behalf of Rachel Ramsbottom and Alexis Bowling, has been amended with two more names Jenna Houston and Jane Doe #1. He was accused in the original suit of sexual abuse, human trafficking and manufacturing and possessing child pornography.

The amended suit, as seen by Rolling Stone, details similar accusations of sexual abuse, human trafficking and more with girls who were minors.

Houston claims that she first connected with Bassnectar in 2012 after she posted some lyrics of one of his songs on Twitter and he reached out to her via DM. She was 16 at the time.

“In April of 2012, a few months after first contacting Jenna, Bassnectar came to Jenna’s home state of Pennsylvania and had her meet him at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Philadelphia, PA,” the lawsuit claims.

“Bassnectar instructed Jenna to meet him in his hotel room. Jenna, who was sixteen at the time, went to Bassnectar’s hotel room and met Bassnectar. Almost as soon as she walked into the room, Bassnectar started having sex with Jenna. Bassnectar did not use a condom. Bassnectar was thirty-four years old… Bassnectar provided Jenna with cash after they had sex.”

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They continued to see each other over the next three years, where Ashton would fly Houston to gigs.

“Bassnectar booked Jenna’s flights using his own United Airlines account number. During this time, Bassnectar knew that Jenna was a minor. Bassnectar knew her age as a result of booking her numerous flights across the country so that he could sexually abuse her.” However, it was when Houston went to college and was no longer a minor, “Bassnectar told her he wanted to end things with her.”

“Jenna has suffered substantial physical and psychological injuries and emotional distress as a result of being sexually abused, exploited and trafficked,” the complaint reads. “Jenna continues to suffer due to the trauma and continues to receive treatment.”

Jane Doe #1 also alleges sexual abuse and human trafficking, plus manipulation by Ashton into having Doe sending “sexually explicit photos” while she was still underage.

“As Bassnectar was aware, Jane Doe #1 struggled with her mental health,” the lawsuit states. “Her parents became very protective of Jane Doe #1 while she was in high school and were understandably concerned about Jane Doe #1’s well-being. This became problematic for Bassnectar. In an attempt to find a way to have her parents back off, Bassnectar helped Jane Doe #1 craft a letter to her therapist about how she ‘feels trapped by her parents.’ Even as Jane Doe #1 continued to deteriorate, Bassnectar selfishly prioritized his sexual desires over Jane Doe #1’s mental health.”

Ashton’s attorneys, Kim Hodde and Mitchell Schuster call the new claims “meritless” and say their client is “completely innocent of the offensive and demonstrably false allegations outlined in this outrageous lawsuit.”

The lawsuit also names management companies C3 Presents and Red Light Management, production company Gnarlos Industries and Ashton’s charitable organization Interactive Giving Fund as defendants.

If anyone is affected by sexual assault, whether it happened to you or someone you care about, can find support on the National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673. You can also visit to receive support via confidential online chat.

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