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Boy North Shares Uplifting, Melodic House Track ‘We All Stood Still’

Boy North shares an emphatic piece of melodic house with nods to trance & progressive icons.
Boy North

Boy North

Based in Edinburgh and working relentlessly to create some of the most exciting electronic music around - Boy North has just shared his emphatic and emotively charged new single "We All Stood Still." It’s a track that defines the term uplifting, drawing strongly on elements across trance and progressive house, it’s one of his first four-to-the-floor pieces and it showcases an artist with an incredible ear for melody.

An artist who started honing his production skills at a young age, he cites Lane 8’s "Hot As You Want" as a defining track that sparked a love for melodic house and progressive. Since then, he’s gone on to release with the likes of Purified Records, FAT! Records and Another Rhythm. Speaking on the new single, he states:

“We All Stood Still was probably one of the easiest tracks that I have written to date. With all that was and still is going on with the world, this really was a time of reflection and healing for myself and I’m sure many others. I wanted to capture that feeling of reluctance that we were all now facing but how also suddenly we all felt more united than ever. It’s been a long road for everyone mentally so this track really was to be capturing that emotion but still upbeat enough to give a sense of hope and warmth with those around us. I hope you all enjoy this little journey I feel even though I’ve written, we all have had some kind of input into.”

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