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Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Grassdoor Content Director Sean Cooley

We chat with Director of Content Marketing for Grassdoor.
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Sean Cooley

Sean Cooley

Sean Cooley is the Director of Content Marketing for Grassdoor. He’s worked with the top brands in weed including Weedmaps, High Times, and Vangst. He once rolled joints with Afroman at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. And, now he’s on a special mission to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Keep reading to find out why he’s passionate about the cause for a new Cannabis Industry Spotlight.

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What’s your favorite thing about covering the cannabis industry?

Sean Cooley: The breadth of knowledge that you pick up from covering the industry and pursuing your passion for the plant. There's no other topic that combines elements of science and medicine, civics, social justice, the arts, food and travel, and pop culture. The folks that are drawn to the community tend to be well-rounded and well-versed.

Where can people check out your work?

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SC: Be sure to check out the newly relaunched blog at Grassdoor - we cover culture and education topics and round up top cannabis products to get delivered. Find my work on Thrillist where I often combine my love of weed and food with edibles reviews. I help produce the Enhance Your Life podcast with Jonathan Small where guests share their life stories of better living through consuming cannabis.

Lately, you're focusing your efforts on a fundraiser for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). What inspired you to do this?

SC: It's a cause near and dear to me. Unfortunately, we lost my dad, Gregg, to cancer back in 2010, my family all too aware of how all-consuming the disease can be -- it’s an atmosphere of hopelessness and helplessness. Amidst that chaos, I had always wanted to “do something” about my dad’s stage 4 diagnosis. Working with LLS is that "something," so I've set out with the goal of supporting cancer fighters, survivors, and caretakers. Not only in honor of my dad, but for the countless families that are affected by cancer today -- their hardships compounded due to the complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hear your father was the bassist for one of central Connecticut’s most famous dad jam bands, The Cosmic Vagabonds...

SC: My dad was a laid back hippie with a heart of gold. He cooked a mean grilled cheese, talked often about his favorite History Channel show Swamp People, and yes was the bassist for one of central Connecticut’s most famous dad jam bands, The Cosmic Vagabonds. He was a bigtime guitar geek, die hard fan of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Banamassa. His tunes are preserved in my personal CD collection, I'll happily mail off a demo to any fundraiser donors.

How can people support your fundraising efforts? (fundraising period runs until June 18)

SC: Visit our LLS team page - - and click the donate button. All proceeds go to fund cancer research, raise advocacy efforts, and financially support cancer patients, families, and health care providers. 

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