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Emmit Fenn Releases Debut Album Far From Here

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Recently, Billie Eilish collaborator Emmit Fenn released his debut album, Far From Here. Raised in Berkeley, California, Emmit Fenn is a singer, songwriter, and producer of offbeat, cinematic soundscapes in the realm of indie electronica. Having worked with a handful of rising stars, as well as scoring two seasons of Quinten Tarantino's Five Points series, it's safe to say Emmit has quite a career ahead of him. 

Emmet Fenn

Emmet Fenn

On top of releasing the album, he released a series of videos to go along with it, and his website even won a CSS award. Check out the album and latest video below, and click here to grab a copy. 

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I’m so proud of this music video. Probably my favorite song on the record and I can’t imagine a better video to go with it. HUGE thank you to @duncanjoiner for being a part of the video, it wouldn’t be the same with out you. Also thank you to Conner Bell for directing and coming up with this beautiful concept for the video and to the whole team who brought it all together - Emmit Fenn

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