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EP Review: Jimmy Smash - HOME

Jimmy Smash deliver the glorious sound of a fast-approaching summer.
Jimmy Smash

Jimmy Smash

Considering that Norway get’s very little in the way of glorious sunshine and sunny beaches most of the year, it is remarkable that alt-pop duo Jimmy Smash are capable of creating some of the most upbeat, sun-drenched beats we’ve heard in a long time. Leaning on elements of disco, funk and pop, their new EP Home is perfect for fans of Roosevelt, Maribou State and Jungle. It’s a stunning project that manages the difficult task of evoking joy, while never sounding cheesy.

Multi-instrumentalists and pure songwriter at heart, the duos influences range from the likes of Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla and The Roots, all the way through to thrash metal. They made their name after sharing a Fleetwood Mac cover and since then, there’s been a huge appetite for their soft and upbeat alt-pop stylings.

The new EP starts incredibly strong with the focus track "Misguided." A song that captures the essence of summer, lush-funk guitar riffs combine with stunning chord progressions throughout. On "August" it’s much of the same -- the duo’s penchant for synth chords is consistent in the project, providing the foundation for their epic songwriting. "Over" and "Under" take on a lower tempo, delving into the realms of chillwave.

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It’s an epic project and the perfect soundtrack to your summer BBQ. Listen in full below.

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