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Premiere: Maes - Jah, Jah Livin (Chad Dubz Remix) [FKOFd050]

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artist Chad Dubz with his remix of "Jah, Jay Livin" by Maes forthcoming via the record label FatKidOnFire.
Chad Dubz

Chad Dubz

One of the most pivotal record labels within the 140 scene are back with a release that will rattle a lot of people's chests. FatKidOnFire are relentless with how they work within the scene, helping not only the artists on their own label roster, but also lending a helping hand to other record labels. They've been a staple platform within the community for over 10 years now.

FKOFd050 see's four tracks from the label archive re-worked by 4 household names within the dubstep community, District, Biome, Leon Switch & Chad Dubz. It's a release that covers so many flavors within dubstep from militant, dungeon-esque sounds, to the grimier, sub-heavy 140 textures. It's got everything you'd want from a dubstep release.

We were happy to premiere the remix of Maes "Jah, Jah Livin" by Chad Dubz, which you can listen too below. 

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Premiere: Maes - Jah, Jah Livin (Chad Dubz Remix) [FKOFd050]:

This remix properly slaps, Chad never fails to impress with his raw, dubstep sound. After he touches a track with his own style, he always seems to bring yet another layer to an already heavyweight production. The remix itself just keeps on developing throughout. I'm always hyped to listen to something that is constantly changing up and taking the listener on a dark, mini adventure, and thats exactly what this remix does. The release date is May 28 on all normal online retailers.

FKOFd050 artwork

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