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Producer Spotlight - Soundtoys' FilterFreak Plug is a flexible and powerful tool for all filtering needs

FilterFreak has a wide range of uses but still allows it to remain intuitive and familiar, making it easy to use.
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In our ongoing Producer Spotlight series with Soundtoys, we will be now diving into one plug-in at a time. For this post, we will be focusing on FilterFreak, and yes, it does just what you would expect - it freaks your filters on a whole other level. The Soundtoys team has put together some great tips for our readers below along with some audio samples to hear this amazing plugin in action.

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So What is FilterFreak Exactly?

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FilterFreak ($149) - Is analog-modeled filtering with its base in the sound of the most iconic monophonic synthesizer filter of all time. Pulling ideas from a history of hardware filter devices and developing brand new ideas to create musical and useful modulation methods gives FilterFreak a wide range of uses but still allows it to remain intuitive and familiar, making it easy to use. Combine all that with extending the original sonic capabilities to all the classic filter types and multiple pole selections, and FilterFreak creates a true evolution of the classic sound.

FilterFreak is a flexible and powerful tool for all filtering needs in everything from production to sound design. It comes with one band and two-band versions – FilterFreak1 and FilterFreak2, respectively. Those two plug-ins cover a vast array of classic filtering jobs from vintage wah wah guitar effects to massive dance floor highpass or lowpass sweeps, pounding programmable tempo locked rhythms, to two band surgical or dynamic EQs.

Here FilterFreak 1 & 2 In Action Below

Pro Tips from Soundtoys:

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  • The “Analog Mode” in the tweak menu gives the input and output gains different flavors. With several flavors of distortion and compression, driving input, output, or both can provide all sorts of new effects. Driven hard and mixed back in Pump can be used as a transient modifier, and Dirt can add sizzle or edge.
  • Turning off the Frequency mod in the tweak menu and using amp mod positive or negative gives you a flexible, dynamic eq.
  • Inserting FilterFreak as a mono-to-stereo version on a mono track splits the filters for some fantastic new stereo effects, and with no modulation, can be used for filter-based stereo positioning.
  • Creating a rhythmic pattern and using the Mix to add a touch to a guitar or synth track can help subtly glue it to the groove of your track.
  • Works excellent with massive reverb effects like Little Plate to create amazing ambient pulsing or sweeping effects from any audio source.
  • FilterFreak2 does one of the best AM Radio vocal effects.

More About Filter Freak:

Analog Sound

FilterFreak faithfully recreates the sounds of classic analog resonant filters. Twist the frequency knob for smooth retro synth sweeps. Crank up the resonance to add some edge, or even push the filter into self-oscillation. And when you drive it hard, FilterFreak responds by breaking up in a gritty and pleasing way, just like hardware.

Soundtoy's has included seven different analog saturation “styles” that range from warm or crunchy distortion to pumping compression. From subtle to extreme, FilterFreak packs a ton of analog magic into a convenient digital package.

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Rhythm and Groove

FilterFreak includes rhythm and groove tools that add motion to your tracks automatically. Turn on Rhythm Mode and flip the MIDI switch to create auto-wah effects that sync to your DAW. Choose a simple note value like eighths or sixteenths, select from a library of pre-made rhythms, or even design your own rhythmic patterns using the Rhythm Editor. Then, to perfectly match the feel of your tune, grab the Groove knob and add some swing or shuffle to drop it in the pocket. For effects that move with the music, choose the Envelope or ADSR modes to trigger the filter with incoming audio. You’ll be amazed by how much one plug-in can transform the feel of your tracks.

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You Actually Get Two Plug-ins - FilterFreak 1 & 2

FilterFreak includes two separate plug-ins — FilterFreak 1 and 2. Load up FilterFreak 1 for a single, simple filter. But if you want more power, fire up FilterFreak 2. It gives you two analog filters side by side that can be used in series or parallel. Combining two filters with FilterFreak’s deep modulation options gives you a huge range of moving sounds to explore.

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