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Album Review: Wanton Witch - S/T

Wanton Witch releases her varied and unabashedly dancefloor-focused debut, self-titled album.
Wanton Witch

Wanton Witch

Malaysian born, Bangkok based trans DJ & producer Wanton Witch has released her debut self-titled album on Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts. The co-founder of queer collective NON NON NON in Bangkok, Wanton Witch initially had an early taste for hip-hop and trap before finding her voice in club and techno music. Her relationship with Lucy formed last year and that led to this album arriving on the label.

This album is not for the faint of heart. It is designed by the club and for the club. It is a mix of techno, hardcore, rave and deconstructed club music that comes together in at times intense ways, but also gives you moments to breathe.

The LP is often frenetic, intense with cavernous techno like “Lament Ceremony” or “Resentment,” which towards the end sounds like someone battering you in the face with a double peddled bass drum. However, songs like “Nervous Burial” open with something much softer and more melodic with the thudding techno tucked away in the background to not let you forget what this album is, but also create a different mood altogether.

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Wanton Witch brings together various parts of electronic music sub-cultures into this album for a project that is energetic and powerful. It even manages to squeeze quintessential 90’s trance and rave influences with “The Beautiful Trauma Of Being” featuring some great synth work. Like the start, it ends with dark and ominous deconstructed club music on “Grieve.”

Looking ahead with this album, Lucy will remix this project in its entirety. She is creating Lucy Plays Wanton Witch featuring re-interpretations of the original material in a whole new body of work.

Get your copy of the LP here and listen now.

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