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Apple Music Launches 400 Label Pages For Majors & Indies

Now users can search for labels on Apple Music.
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Apple Music has started rolling out pages for labels. Apple Music has crated 400 label pages with labels ranging from majors like Capitol and Def Jam to mid-size indies like XL Recordings and Dead Oceans. They are built almost the same as artist pages and can be found in the search bar. They have the biggest records from the label, the newest releases and a bio from the labels. The news was first reported by Rolling Stone.

It makes sense to have label pages on streaming services since many have strong following regardless of the artists they sign. They have built a cache for curating great releases over the years either run by an artist or run by smart music industry professionals.

“We want to highlight labels that are really hyper-focused on building great quality. The labels we’re partnering with here are the ones where I want to search for their logo on the back of the record and would buy music unheard because I trust that,” says Zane Lowe to Rolling Stone about the label pages. 

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“That to me is really the culture that we’re trying to represent from a label point of view here. In a way, this is an opportunity for us to reestablish the concept of a label as something more than just a bank. To look at the label system again as more than just a distribution model or an investment model, but actually as a place where music, art and culture is fostered in a really deliberate and very thoughtful way.”

Label pages are something that users have been clamoring from Spotify and other streaming services for years. Since tech often is a copycat industry, hopefully this will encourage the others to roll out label pages.

Apple Music also launched their Lossless and Spatial Audio on the platform yesterday at no additional cost. It published some playlists, which provide examples of that listening experience. Lowe also said that spatial audio mixing will arrive to Logic Pro at some point this year. 

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