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Luno Reveals Car Camping Air Mattress, Window Screen, Fan Accessories

Luno drops some new accessories to help with camping in your car.
Luno Air Mattress Lifestyle Car

Luno Air Mattress Car

Luno has just launched a suite of new car camping accessories, including a car camping fan, window screen, fitted mattress sheet and an air mattress.

The Luno air mattress 2.0 fits in over 1,800 vehicles and seems designed for cars with bigger trunks like an SUV or station wagon, so you can toss the mattress in the back of the car and sleep there. It is supposed to sleep two people up to 6’2”. It includes Two Base Extenders, 12-V Air Pump, Carrying Case, and Repair Patch. The mattress is $280 and can be purchased here.

Also part of the suite of accessories is a fitted sheet, which is stone grey, polyester spandex blend and machine washable. It is quick-dry and has stay-put corners. No word though if they have solved the riddle of making these things is easy to fold. It costs $65 and can be purchased here.

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Luno Air Mattress Fitted Sheet

Luno Air Mattress Fitted Sheet

Car window screens run for $45 with nylon mesh that allows air to come in, but keep the bugs and sunlight out. The 5-inch, USB-powered car camping fan is $30, has three speeds and has an adhesive back to stick it places.

Luno Car Window Screen

Luno Car Window Screen

Luno Fan Car

Luno Car Fan

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