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Producer Spotlight - Need A Little Help With Your Groove, UJAM's Groovemate ONE Will Sprinkle In Just The Right Amount of Percussion

Need some extra spice for your chillout, lofi or Latin tune? The Groovemate ONE Plugin will definitely level up the flavor.
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Sometimes it's the little things that can make all the difference, a little shaker here, a little dash of Tamborine there, can fill in your percussion and bring energy and fullness to your track. UJAM is great at making these "little seasoning" tools, as we like to call them, and the Groovemate One is one of our favorites for more laid-back tunes that need a little something-something.

Download UJAM Groovemate ONE HERE

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What is that missing ingredient? It's probably percussion.

So you've made some progress on your track, you've got bass and drums, melodies and chords, and still, there's something missing. Why does it still lack vibe and swing? Percussion! Think of salt as a spice – working dutifully in the background, a little bitter when consumed in masses. But no dish will come to full expression of flavors without it. Same goes for electronic music and percussion.

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The Groovemate ONE is simple to use, just find the percussive element you want and start shaking it in.

  • 30 Presets – Combi Style and Solo Styles then add or take away as you see fit. Presets are always a great place to start.
  • Use the 4 Sounds together or separately - (Shaker, Claps, Tambourine, One Shot Shaker)
  • Use the 9 Mix & 4 Ambience Presets to get the right feel once you get the percussion right
  • When you find what you like just MIDI Drag and Drop right into a track on your DAW and off you go.
The simple UI of Groovemat ONE keeps you focused on being creative, pick a preset and off you go.

The simple UI of Groovemat ONE keeps you focused on being creative, pick a preset and off you go.

Features at a Glance

Pick a Preset - Create your music without overthinking! Pick any inspiring preset and get to work instantly.

In Sync - Trigger patterns that are instantly and perfectly in sync with the rest of your session.

ONE… ,2, 3, 4 - Groovemate ONE quickly and easily spices up your tracks with that important feel. Just select one of the ready-made phrases and adjust them to your needs. Or play the contained instruments yourself, directly via MIDI input.

Easy, yet complex - The secret of the vibe-machine: Percussionists often use sophisticated patterns that work against or around the basic beat and emphasis, such as 3-over-4 and syncopations. Playing or programming these yourself might be tricky unless you're a percussionist yourself. With Groovemate ONE, you just browse through the presets and pick what works for you.

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