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Ratatat’s Evan Mast Releasing Self-Titled Album As E.VAX

The second track from the album, “Karst" has been released as well.
Evan Mast

Evan Mast

Ratatat’s Evan Mast is releasing a new, self-titled album out at the end of the summer under the moniker E.VAX. To go along with the album announcement, he has released a new single from the project “Karst.”

The track is named after the Karst Mountains in Southern China and that is where the video for the song was filmed.

“One of my favorite moments over the past few years was riding on a scooter with my brother through a landscape of Karst Mountains in Southern China,” says Mast. “I wanted this track to sound the way that felt. I started recording it in Brooklyn during the most intense part of lockdown last spring, and finished it a few months later in a barn at a friend's place in Montana."

“Karst” is the second song to emerge from the album following “Rabindra.” All 12 songs on the LP will have videos.

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E.VAX is a collection of instrumental songs that were recorded at home, then at a friend’s art gallery in Montana during the pandemic. This allowed him to take a different approach to making songs.

“I used to be way more precious,” Mast says about his songwriting. “A lot of this stuff on the record is about trying to skip the brain processes that can get in the way of making something that really feels sincere.”

The two members of Ratatat have been busy on their own with Mast now prepping this album and Mike Stroud working with White Flight as Kunzite.

Check out the tracklist below. E.VAX will be released on August 27. Pre-order the LP here.

E.VAX Tracklist
1. Rabindra
2. Karst
3. Always
4. What About You
5. Manila
6. Anything At All
7. Kolkata
8. Pretty Good
9. New Words
10. Little Lung
11. Koko
12. Actual Air

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