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The Perfect Festival Camping Combo - Meet The Voited Pillow Blanket and Soul Slipper

Are you looking for the perfect festival camping companions? These blankets and slippers from Voited just might be the perfect pair.
The Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket 4-In-1 PILLOWBLANKET

The Voited Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket 4-In-1 PILLOWBLANKET

The Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket (MSRP $114.99)

It's that time of year again, warmer weather is perfect for weekend camping trips, and even some festivals are popping back up slowly but surely. We are always looking for good bits of kit for our casual outdoor adventures, and the Voited Outdoor Camping Blanket has made the top of our list this season.

We have a good share of blankets but none that is a quadruple threat; this blanket is, well, a blanket first, and can also be folded into a pillow, a cape, and used as a sleeping sack for warmer nights. What other blanket can do that? None that we have ever seen.

So take this bad boy to the festival and lay it down in front of the stage, use it by the campfire, in your tent or squish it up into a pillow for the car ride home - it's got you covered for just about anything.

What's even cooler about the PILLOWBLANKET™ is that it's made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, it's insulated enough for chilly nights, and you can stick it in a washing machine if stew spills his Coors Light all over it (time to ditch Stew by the way). The 100% recycled 50D Ripstop REPREVE® fabric is water and stain-resistant, so you don't have to worry about a bit of rain or a little beer (bye Stew).

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.48.07 PM


Packed: 36x16x16cm (13.2x5x5inch)

Pillow: 38x38x10cm (15x15x4inch)

Blanket: 137x203cm (54x80inch)

Bye water...

Bye water...

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Teflon EcoElite™ Coating 50D 100% Recycled Ripstop REPREVE® 3D Synthetic Featherlight Fiber insulation made out of 100% yarn 50D 100% Recycled Ripstop REPREVE® + Teflon EcoElite™


1100gr (2.42lbs/ 38.8oz)

Warmth Rating:

To be used for extra comfort during chilly evenings and cooler nights. Provides warmth up until around 13°C/55F* *Temperatures have been tested extensively; however, the results remain subjective. Recommended lowest temperature.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.30.53 PM

The Soul Slipper (MSRP $49.99)

So now you have the ultimate blanket, you kind of need some sweet slippers for your outdoor shenanigans. Meet the Voited Soul Slipper; this is the perfect hybrid for lopping around camp, making yourself comfy on a plane (if you're doing that again), or just chilling in your tent and keeping cozy with your Bourbon (that you aren't sharing). These slips are also made from the same recycled ripstop fabric as the blanky you just read about, so your tootsies won't get cold or too wet (unless Stew is around).

These slippers are fitted onto a grippy rubber outer sole with a water-based gluing process and some good old-fashioned hand stitching. The inside of the slipper features a super soft fleece lining and a memory foam footbed to make them extra comfortable.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.31.07 PM

If you are in a humid environment, not to worry, the Teflon EcoELite treated fabric will help repel water to keep them dry. And just like its sibling above, the eco-friendly build is something you can feel good about.

So if you are headed out this Spring and Summer, make sure to head over to to grab some gear because it's moving fast, and some styles are already selling out. 

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