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Weedsday Playlist: Photographer Robert Hayman Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play on this week's Weedsday playlist.
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Robert Hayman

Robert Hayman

Robert Hayman is one of the foremost photographers in the cannabis world. Based in Los Angeles, Robert’s shot for such publications as Rolling Stone, Kind and Honeysuckle Magazines. His YouTube series Muse Me features his collaboration with his best friend and muse, pot activist Laganja Estranja, wherein each episode shows the duo creating high art fashion photography.

After an enlistment in the US Army as an airborne paratrooper, Robert moved to Paris to hone his skills as a makeup artist, working the seasonal fashion show circuit for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. When he returned to the states, he kick-started his creative company ARMY OF MONSTERS and began shooting and directing music videos. As an avid pot smoker, Robert delved into the THC universe and has now found himself one of the biggest photographers in the weed industry, shooting both conceptual product shots and creative portraits and videos for the biggest brands around.

With this in mind, we had Hayman do a Weedsday playlist with selections that include tunes by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, NIN and more.

"Just like life is a vast landscape of many moods and the music I choose is generally influenced by those moods,” shares Robert. “This playlist, in particular, is inspired by some of the music I play while I work — Songs that make me feel energized and excited in those moments of CREATING.”

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Fever To Tell)

From the first drumbeat setting up a rhythm that builds and builds, this song is an indie rock classic. As an artist I am very much drawn to the pairing of great song great video. As with all Yeah Yeah Yeahs music, it is the formidable and outstandingly beautiful, power-voiced Karen O that truly makes this band great. “Maps” mixed with a good dab really gets my creative blood pumping.

2. Sinead O'Connor - The Healing Room (Faith And Courage)

The production of this track is...well...stellar. With lyrics sounding like the contents of a future alien self help handbook, “The Healing Room” shoots you into an Alex Grey painting where by the time the song is finished you're virtually munching on your own neon filled heart chakra. Sinead's pure voice, the ambient beat and the inspirational lyrics always make me feel good relaxed and meditated while I'm medicated.

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3. IAMX - President (The Alternative)

If you have an affinity for electronic glam rock with an apocalyptic darkish edge than you will love IAMX. This track is sublime with its Bavarian baseline and it's minor chord vibration. Lyrics like "Most fall in line...they do the dance and salute the safest thing. Bought with their lies...cry and socialize and throw all the beauty away" are what makes the track such a heady proposition. This is half lesson in the conditioning of human beings half horror movie soundtrack. IAMX is my favorite artist and I bow down creatively to the genius that is Chris Corner.

4. Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Lost Highway)

The track is sexy and has a driving force of one of the most hypnotic baselines ever recorded. When a shoot needs a jolt of energy I crank this in the studio and everyone wakes up. Trent Reznor always delivers solid intense music with his masculine vocal and play them religiously while I create. My mind bounces off the music and bounces off the weed I just smoked and the result is my work. There's nothing that gets one in a dark sexy mood more than NIN.

5. Verdi - Overture (La Traviata}

Sometimes when the project is just so...I want to keep it chill and relaxed yet retain a certain energy that doesn't put you to sleep. “Overture” is the overture to the opera La Traviata that is haunting and emotional. After listening to pumping contemporary music during prep hair and makeup for a shoot I like to sometimes switch gears on the model and transport her to another time and another mental place. This overture is my favorite classical piece of music and I find it mixes quite well with a blunt rolled of the finest OG Kush.

BONUS TUNE! Laganja Estranja - Hypeman

One of my recent creations is Laganja Estranja's latest music video for “Hypeman.” It premiered on 4/20. 

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