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Album Review: Chiiild - Hope For Sale

Combining the best of R&B, soul and psychedelica, Chiiild captures that and more with 'Hope For Sale.'


Montreal born, LA based artist Chiiild has released his debut album Hope For Sale. With his influences ranging from Tame Impala, to Pink Floyd, D’Angelo and Marvin Gaye, that blend of soul, R&B and psychedelica blends effortlessly together on Hope For Sale.

A breezy 11 tracks in total, Hope For Sale delivers on different moods and sounds. There are slow R&B burners like “Awake” with Mahalia, while he also has fun with the soaring and fun “Eventually.” Much of the project feels like a drive in a top down convertible on a sunny day with the wind blowing through your hair. “Wasting Time” laments aimlessly wandering, sitting and wasting time, before a cheerier and more hopeful “The Best Is Yet To Come.” The penultimate track on the LP captures the dreamy nature of this project with a smooth groove.

Chiiild delivers an album that plays on nostalgia without losing itself in it. “Musically, it’s about chasing a certain feeling that you had when growing up,” Chiiild tells Apple Music. “I didn’t realize how much nostalgia was a part of my palette.”

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It also serves as an escape from everything over the past year and a half. Hope For Sale is dreamy, soothing and at times uplifting. It is here for the summer and just in time. Get your copy here.

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