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Album Review: DāM-FunK - Above The Fray

DāM-FunK delivers a heavy dose of cosmic funk with his new album.


Los-Angeles based artist DāM-FunK has released his new album Above The Fray. The project has been released on his Glydezone Recordings imprint and recorded somewhere in Southern California. This is his first album since 2015's Invite The Light. A collection of cosmic and rhythmic funk, this is a 10-track album for zoning out and vibing.

The opportunity to create an album came like many other artists as live shows ground to a halt because of the pandemic. He went back and rediscovered some of the music he first fell in love with.

“The narrative is, Rediscovery. Innocent times when how I used to make homemade CD’s and Tapes of my own music, as well as compilations I’d make of rare wax finds for my club night known as Funkmosphere which I’d give away for free, with the purpose of turning listeners on to particular styles that never stopped sounding good,” explains DāM-FunK.

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There are epic journeys like the 10 minute “Levitate From It All” or the supremely smooth "Evolution” and even the more upbeat and futuristic “2071.” That all have a similar energy, but provide a little something different on each track.

DāM-FunK has the funk to help you zone out on a late night or a trip out into nature. Above The Fray is all instrumental and could work with some rappers on top, but has the depth at the moment to stand on its own. Pick up your copy here.

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