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Album Review: Julien Bracht - Now Forever One

Lea Porcelain's Julien Bracht brings a composer mind to an impeccable Techno album.
Julien Bracht

Julien Bracht

Berlin is known for a few things. Outstanding economy, quality of living, cleanliness, liberal attitudes.. Oh and some of the best techno on the planet. Considered a musical mecca for those who gravitate towards the thud of techno, out of the German capital a new powerhouse may have just emerged.

Producer Julien Bracht first made waves in music as part of electro-synth duo Lea Porcelain where he recorded a session with COLORS and enjoyed a wave of success, but his passion was in the harder, more experimental side of production. Completing a remix for world superstar Grimes was just the start. His new album, Now Forever One showcases an artist truly flexing his techno muscles.

Starting with intent, the project kicks off with "Nocturne" - a stunning journey that showcases the artists innate ability to combine powerful techno thuds with genuine euphoric moments. The project has a continuing theme of warm, sharp synths that Bracht created using his Prophet 8 synth. There’s pulsating techno anthems in the more typical sense with "1991" and "Euphoria" as prime examples, but where we really see Bracht’s genius is in the beat-less compositions such as "Sorbet," where his musicality shines through. There’s haunting moment’s in here that are reminiscent of the new Throwing Snow album.

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It’s a pleasure to hear a techno project that attempts to push boundaries outside the 4X4 standard approach. Within the project beats the heart of a composer, an artist keen to create a project designed for headphone listening, rather than a collection of Berghain-bound bangers. Listen now and get a copy here.

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