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Album Review: Mark Lower - Blurry Dreams Of You

Mark Lower's new album is a celebration of life perfect for the summer!
Mark Lower

Mark Lower

We've all had break-ups. You hide under the covers and cry, drink too much, curse their name, and listen to The Smiths, right? Not Mark Lower. He may have done some of those things too, but as any good dance music producer should do, he took heartbreak, mixed with life experiences and just getting older, and made the enjoyably danceable album Blurry Dreams of You.

French-based Quentin Volant, better known as Mark Lower, is no stranger to disco and house music charts. He started producing dance music in 2012 and saw his first album released in 2014. Seven years have passed in between albums while Lower remixed other artists and worked on his side project, Barry & Gibbs. Whereas Mark Lover was a computer and synth-produced album, Lower has employed the talents of musicians like LEFTI, Pete Whitfield, and Edouard Musiala in addition to an amazing array of vocalists including Adeline and Alexandra Prince to make Blurry Dreams of You a much more organic affair with a very approachable sound.

This album maintains all of the disco and house influences of Lower's earlier career, but opening tracks "There You Are," "Turn Back Time" and "I Can't Trust You" could easily be heard on any pop radio station. This album will make you groove on the pop tracks, sweat on the club-ready tracks like "Sleepless Nights" and "Down For It All," and chill with the unplugged mix of "I Can't Trust You." Lower seamlessly moves from pop to NuDisco to house to disco on Blurry Dreams of You and makes it look easy! 

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