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Ambient Meditations Season 2 Vol 46 - A Doubleheader With Chrystal Für and Sanjay

Chill out to two wonderful downtempo mixes this holiday weekend!
AM 46 Chrystal Fur and Sanjay

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Ambient Meditations S2 Vol. 46 - Chrystal Für & Sanjay

This week to celebrate the holiday weekend, we are doing a good old-fashioned Ambient Meditations doubleheader. As the weather here out west has been unpredictable, we wanted to have some extra tunes to chill out just in case we get some curveballs, i.e. rain or blinding heat. We have two very chilled-out mixes from artists Chrystal Für and Sanjay. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Magnetic Ambient Meditations Mix One Tracklist: Chrystal Für

1. Kantilal Sonchhatra - Raga Bihag (Excerpt)
2. Olga Wojciechowska - Labyrinth Made Of Labyrinths
3. Stars of the Lid - Requiem String Melody
4. Chrystal Für - I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More (feat. Echo Collective)
5. Arvo Pärt - Lamentate - Fragile
6. Chrystal Für - I’ll Rise At Dawn Once More (feat. Echo Collective) [Continuation]
7. Jóhann Jóhannsson/Echo Collective - Stuk
8. loscil - Edifice
9. Delia Derbyshire - Liquid Energy (Bubbling Rhythm)
10. Chris Vibberts - Rights and Wrongs
11. Eluvium - Strangeworks
12. Taylor Dupree - Mir (Excerpt)
13. Echo Collective - Glitch
14. Chrystal Für - Memory Of A Fading Home
15. Michael Penn - The Transistor
16. Radiohead - Treefingers
17. A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Requiem for the Static King Part 1
18. Brian Eno - Discreet Music (Excerpt)

Magnetic Magazine Ambient Meditations -- SANJAY

1. Air - Modulor Mix
2. Jelassi - Sahalé
3. Amelia - Chancha Via Circuito
4. Polo & Pan - Zoom Zoom
5. Sahalé & Samarana - Ntaolo
6. Rapossa - Flames (Original Mix)
7. Maya Jane Coles - Weak (Original Mix)
8. Rampue - Love You
9. Weval - You Made It Pt.1
10. Weval - You Made It Pt.2
11. Swami Vivekananda - 1893 Chicago Speech
12. Qtier - Set Me On (David August Remix)
13. Weval - Metazoa (Original Mix)
14. Nu - Endup (Original Mix)
15. Cubicolor - Inscape (Original Mix)
16. Feathered Sun - Bulbo
17. Rio Mira - Adios Morena (Chancha Via Circuito Remix)
18. Nevar - El Búho
19. Abraham Hicks - Manifestation

Soundcloud Season 2 (Complete)

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Chrystal Für

Chrystal Für

More On Chrystal Für

Chrystal Für was born three years ago in the high desert mountains of central Mexico during Christopher J Vibberts' year and a half sabbatical from film scoring and producing in his California recording studio, The Rabbit Hole Recording. It was a sabbatical that turned into a way of life. Inspired by the act of jumping ship from the rat race, slowing down, and focusing on the intricate, elemental beauty that surrounds us at every moment, just waiting to be noticed, he began to create music that reflected this new way of being in the world.

The music on his album Elusion is colored by Christopher's history composing for film, studio experiments, and love of ethnic and electronic instruments, combined with his passion for travel and exploration of other cultures. In 2019, after years of admiration for the music coming out of Iceland, he took a trip to the November Iceland Airwaves festival— a journey that left an indelible impression both through the unique talent he observed but also the stark majesty of this island nation. The impact had a profound and lingering effect that can be heard throughout this album.

Christopher's musical journey has taken him from studying songwriting and performance at Berklee College of Music, to a year writing and recording with 60's teen idol Gene Pitney in the 90's, to studying sitar with Ali Akbar Khan disciple Peter van Gelder, to recording and touring with Bauhaus/Love and Rockets bassist and singer David J, playing sitar, lap steel, keyboards, guitar, Melodica, and percussion. On Elusion his decades of composing, performing, producing, and collaborating have been distilled into a molten mixture of mature arrangements, intuitive musical choices, and stirring melodies that earn him a spot among today's brightest post-classical composers. Eluding the expectations that shaped his early career and life, Christopher continues to follow his own call and expand his sense of home, now living with his family and creating from Porto, Portugal. 



More on Sanjay

A multi-instrumentalist residing in the Joshua Tree desert in California, SANJAY's eclectic and live electronica style can be traced back to him spinning deep, dancey sets on the playa at Burning Man, and learning acoustic guitar with the Gypsy Kings as they toured the world. With both a rock 'n' roll heart and an innate understanding of danceable beats, SANJAY is a resolutely original producer creating a style all of his own.

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