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Cannabis Industry Spotlight: Celebrating Shatter, Oil, Rosin, Resin, Hash & Wax on 710

Yes, it isn't 7/10 yet, but get informed and see why you should be celebrating this Saturday.
710 Day Oil

If you turn 710 upside down... it spells OIL, a word used to describe potent cannabis products like shatter, rosin, resin, hash, wax, and well, oil. This popular industry holiday occurs annually on July 10th, or 7/10, and gives the community another reason to celebrate the plant, learn more about its properties, explore various ways to consume, honor the people innovating products and extractors working in laboratories. Magnetic asked popular leaders to share insights on what this day means to them, and how they’ll be celebrating the occasion. Happy 710!

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1. Azita Habibi, VP of Sales at PAX Labs

OIL day is important to the cannabis community as it raises awareness for concentrates and educates consumers so they can have a safe and premium oil experience. We’ll be celebrating this year by offering a 20% discount on PAX 3™ Complete Kits with a concentrate adapter, including our new limited-edition Amber PAX 3 device, inspired by the warm tones of golden hour.

2. Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson, Weed+Grub:

Celebrating OIL Day is all about set and setting for us. The power of a dab in a beautiful environment with all the right snacks on hand can make you feel like the cosmos is cupping you in its starry hands. This 7/10, we'll enjoy some Raw Garden live resin, spread a blanket out on a beach in Malibu, and feast on a burrata and tomato salad followed by an entire pack of Milanos (the unsung hero of the cookie world). After the sun kisses us goodnight, we'll head home to unwind with a hash-infused Space Coyote joint and watch Barb & Star Go To Vista del Mar for the fifth time. Weed + Grub is all about enjoying the moment, and 710 is the perfect celebration of our never ending quest to do so.

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3. Christina DiPaci, Founder and CEO of Paradiso

Whatever the plant or chemical compound, I am so grateful for drugs’ ability to help us expand consciousness, heal from trauma or just regular life, and connect with nature. What a time to be alive! How sweet to have so many tools to heal ourselves and the world.

4. Anthony Alegrete, Operations Director and Co-founder at 40 Tons

This is our very first 710 day that the 40 Tons team will celebrate as a company. We are honored to be participating in an event with Merry Jane and Top Tree on this day. Events like these are especially important with the world opening back up from COVID-19. They give brands an opportunity to interface with their customer base again. 

Cannabis holidays are special because they allow us to celebrate this plant on a day that's been designated for cannabis consumption, celebration, and tradition. 710 upside down spells oil, and oil signifies high potency. 40 Tons Brand products are high potency, quality products with a potent message that while we are making billions of dollars on the legal sale of this plant, there are still over 40,000+ prisoners locked up over the very same plant. Just because someone carries it well, doesn't mean it isn't heavy!

5. Andrew DeAngelo, Cannabis Industry Consultant and Strategic Advisor

Any day that celebrates cannabis is a good day after all our community has been through during prohibition. So raise your rigs, and take your fill from the mother of all plants. Don't forget to say a word of thanks, then lift off to a place of wellness and bliss. Happy 710, everybody.

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