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Chicago House Legend Paul Johnson Hospitalized In Intensive Care With COVID-19

Paul Johnson has shared videos of his past few days in the hospital online.
Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

More bad news on the COVID front when it comes to pioneering DJs. Chicago house legend DJ Paul Johnson is an intensive care unit (ICU) after becoming infected with COVID-19. He shared the news on Sunday, July 18 and has chronicled the demise of his health on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday, he shared a video looking to be in rough shape, having some serious trouble breathing with a breathing device on his face.

The video has the caption, “Shits Taken A TURN for The Worse. Next Is To Transfer Me To Downtown An A Full Throat Ventolator. Meaning. I Will Not Be Breathing For My Self.....”

Johnson has released music on labels like Dance Mania, Defected, DJax Up Beats, and Peacefrog, while also launching a label with Radek, Dust Traxx in 1997.

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Artists such as Cynthie, Ash Lauryn, Kevin Saunderson, Colette, Patrick Topping, Kink, Will Clarke, Terry Hunter, Finn, Honey Dijon and others have wished him well. The Magnetic Mag family wishes Paul Johnson all the love in the world and hopefully a speedy recovery. 

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