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Event Review & Photo Gallery: Project 91's July 4th Block Party With Devault, Goldfish & Phantoms

Project 91 brought Goldfish, Phantoms, and Devault for a bangin' July 4th block party and it proved that without a doubt, NYC is back to having us dance happily and safely.

After over a year and a half of no live music, large public gatherings, and isolation, NYC really is back. With vaccination rates at such a high rate, live shows finally came back with a bang and people were dancing their hearts out! We had a great time at the July 4th block party and after party thrown by Project 91, a NYC-based event and production company.

Project 91 Crowd Concert

The crowd at the July 4th block party

With a line up made up of Goldfish, Phantoms, and Devault, it made for lively day filled with energetic beats, solid house music to match the heat of the sun, and overall positive vibe we so craved.

Devault started the day off at around 4pm to a smaller crowd but that doesn't mean people weren't having a fantastic time and enjoying the music. Smaller crowds are great because you get to move as much as you want while still enjoying personal space. Everyone looked so happy to be out in crowds and dancing with their friends.



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Phantoms took the stage shortly after 5pm. The set times weren't super strict, which allowed Devault and Phantoms to comfortably transition from act to act and playing to the crowd's content. Phantoms are truly a dynamic duo and they put on such an active and engaged set. They were talking to their fans in the front row and looked really happy to be playing.



After a brief stage change to accommodate Goldfish's live performance, we got thrown right back into the music. The combination of their upright bass and saxophone along with constantly upbeat tunes had the (packed) crowd moving the entire time. As the sun set, it felt like people got their second winds and finished strong into the night to be rewarded with a fireworks show on the East River. We unfortunately left for a bit and couldn't get back into the venue to view the fireworks, but we did get views that were obstructed by construction.

Goldfish Live

Goldfish Live

Afterwards, the after party filled up and surprise guests showed up, including Jai Wolf! The rare B2B of Jai Wolf and Devault was a sight to see and it had the entire club jumping and dancing. I missed being in a crowded and hot environment and it was totally worth it. We cannot wait for what this summer has in store.

Check out the full gallery directly below!

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