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Event Review + Photos: Tycho, Roosevelt, RAC, Com Truise, Nitemoves, Heathered Pearls @ The Brooklyn Mirage

We were graced with a night of cool, breezy weather on the night that Tycho came and brought his ISO50 project alongside Roosevelt, RAC, Com Truise, Heathered Pearls, and Nitemoves.

You couldn’t have asked for better weather. On a breezy 75-degree Brooklyn night this past Friday, July 23rd, Tycho brought some of his most illustrious friends to the Brooklyn Mirage for the official kick off of his new concept show ISO50 with six artists over six hours, headlined by himself. It would be a career-spanning show, where he played music from all eras of Tycho, as he slowly brought out his touring musicians to play music from the past twenty years of his career. He was supported on the night by Nitemoves, Com Truise, RAC, Roosevelt and Heathered Pearls

ISO50 Artwork

ISO50 Artwork

It felt like a mini-festival, kicking off around 8:30pm and ending close to 3am. Nitemoves got the night started before giving way to Com Truise. The imposing, bald and bearded Portland artist was a bit all over the place with his set, including some rough transitions from 80’s to drum and bass to Caribou and his own spacey records. This set the table for RAC, who was playing his first gig back after the pandemic. He largely ignored his own tracks and just got after it like it was a proper party with the sold out crowd largely filled in at this point. Daft Punk’s “One More Time” early in his set got the best reaction of the night at that point, setting tone for the rest of what he would do. 

RAC Brooklyn Mirage


He sprinkled in a sparse few of his own originals, but kept with the high-energy house records that kept the dancing at a frenetic pace. This on the surface seemed a little odd for a Tycho show, but it felt like a welcome release for those who may have been emerging for their first show in a long time.



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After a short changeover, it was time for Tycho. He combined the various synths and tropical plants that were scattered around the stage into one central location so he could work with several synths, pedals and a guitar. This launched him into his career spanning records with the crowd slowly swaying along as cheers would go up to some fan favorites.

About an hour into the set, Tycho brought out his long-time friends and collaborators including Nitemoves aka Rory O'Connor, the drummer for Tycho and Zachary Brown, the talented bassist for Tycho. Saint Sinner also came out towards the end of the set for a more acoustic version of "Skate."

Tycho Brooklyn Mirage


Roosevelt came on after Tycho and went straight for the disco. The crowd started to thin out a bit, creating more room for dancing and a dance we had. It was some of the freest fun of the night that included some of his own recorded, spun up with a house and disco twist.



Heathered Pearls closed things out with some trance, breaks and Detroit, as he said to start, taking things in a bit different direction, but a good way to end the night. Overall, we greatly enjoyed ourselves. This was by far, the most tame and relaxed show we have been to at the Mirage but that isn't a bad thing by any measure.

Brooklyn Mirage Crowd

Brooklyn Mirage

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