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Roland has upped the ante with quality, simplicity, and overall functionality in the latest addition to their portable mixer series. The GO:Mixer Pro-X brings the complete package for musicians, podcasters, journalists, or anyone that wants to record high-quality audio into their smartphone. Whether you are streaming your DJ performance, your podcast, or just making an audio recording of your band - this little device will help level up your audio quality quite a bit.

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Why do you need this device? Because high-quality audio is essential for engaging your audience.

We have all seen them, those terrible Youtube videos where the band or DJ thinks it's ok to use their phone mic to record their set/session. The result is a video with terrible sound that will almost always disengage viewers/listeners immediately. The good news is that the highly affordable GO:Mixer Pro-X can efficiently solve this problem for recording and live streaming for only $149 MSRP.

So if you are making any content that requires good sound, whether it's a podcast, music video, or any live stream - this is your ticket out of bad sound town. This little mixer can connect up to seven audio inputs with studio-quality, where ever you may be.

Livestreaming? If you live on any major platform like YT, FB, IG, etc., you can easily use this mixer. Just hook up your gear, do a soundcheck via the headphone out and start your stream. Whether it's you singing on some mountain top or DJing under a waterfall, as long as you have WiFi or enough cell service, you are good to stream.

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Enough Inputs For Just About Everything.

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Whether you are doing a solo performance or a live gig with your band, you can probably figure out a way to handle it with this mixer. Let's look at some of your typical use case scenarios.

The Live DJ Performance: The GO:Mixer Pro-X works with a battery or phantom power from your phone, so you can be anywhere as long as your gear doesn't need power or you have an outlet or generator nearby. Say, for example, you wanted to record in a scenic forest, you could take a rig like the Denon Prime Go, your Roland mixer, and your smartphone - and you are good to go. Simply run the Denon Prime Go into the L/R quarter-inch ins, set up your camera, and off you go - a live set from a remote location is easier than ever, and it will sound fantastic. If you don't want to go live, you can record it on video, and you have some great content that you can edit and post later, with yup, great sound.

The Podcaster - If you are a podcaster on the go, then this is the perfect little device to accompany you on interviews on the road. There is an XLR input to run your mic through so you can get professional-quality sound, and if you want to use two mics, you can use the headphone jack with headphones or buds that have a mic on them as a second input. This setup is a simple and effective way to do on-the-go podcast interviews with higher quality sound. With the ability to record audio only, video, and live stream, this is a highly versatile solution for journalists and podcasters on the go.

Every audience appreciates good, clear sound. It helps the message get through and makes your presentation more engaging. With its XLR mic input and compact size, GO:MIXER PRO-X enhances podcasts, interviews, online lessons, video calls, and more. The headphones jack even supports a second mic feed, allowing you to bring in another voice with a headset mic or smartphone earbuds.

The Band - Yes, there are even enough inputs for a small band to record live; you can plug in a bass/guitar, mic, mono/stereo instrument and two line-level devices - and off you go. Your coffee house performance can now be recorded, streamed, or just record the audio, all with a remarkable sound quality for such a small and inexpensive device.

What's in the box?

The GO:MIXER PRO-X is packaged with the cables you need to get started right out of the box.

iOS Cable for iPhones/iPads

USB-C for Androids

TRRS for Analog Connections

Pro Tip - for running in DJ rigs, Guitars, etc., you will need other cables for this; any Guitar Center or Sweetwater should carry what you need if you don't have it in your kit.


If you are making music, recording interviews, or laying down DJ sets and want great sound for a very low price, the GO:MIXER Pro-X is something that should be in your kit. It's easy to use, versatile, and surprisingly powerful for such a compact and cost-conscious device. You can also use it as a mini audio interface for apps like GarageBand, Zenbeats, etc., so it's great for producers on the go too.

More info HERE / MSRP $149

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