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OpEd - You Might Need A Vaccine Card To Enter Some Nightclubs And Public Gatherings As Delta Virus Spreads

Unvaccinated People are becoming persona non grata as the Delta Variant begins to surge.
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If you are someone who has refused to get vaccinated for whatever reason, you are probably acutely aware that many people are furious with you. As the Delta Variant surges across states like California and Florida, we face a challenging position for public gatherings. The spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and misguided interpretations are taking their toll on the population and the economy. It's insane to think that we might be going backward and looking at new mask mandates and other restrictions that could wipe out businesses that managed to survive during the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions. All because of people that refuse to get vaccinated and venture out unmasked. 

If you are holding out on getting the vaccine, then that is your right, but please note that those who are vaccinated don't want you around. You are putting people at risk, including yourself and any of your unvaccinated family or friends. So as we move into these murky waters, do not be surprised if slowly but surely you are required to present a vaccination card to gain entry into clubs, festivals, restaurants, bars, etc.

The Delta Variant is highly transmissible (2x more than the original strain), and most people catching it are not "vaxxed." What's even crazier is that this variant also affects a small population of people who have received their vaccines. Still, with significantly reduced symptoms - so while that's somewhat comforting to those who have received their jabs, it's incredibly frightening as more transmissions lead to more variants - Lambda Variant is also on the rise, although not yet as big of a concern, but what could be next?

NPR - The Lambda Variant: What You Should Know And Why Experts Say Not To Panic

So if you are a promoter like Richie Panic, or better yet France, you state, "prove you have received your shots, or stay home." That's fair. The unvaccinated are putting people at risk, putting our economy in jeopardy - again, and want to mingle and party with everyone else - no way, not interested. The Lights Down Low guys posted this on IG the other day, so we thought we would share it because it's AWESOME. Yes, this is not foolproof and some will fake certifications, but it's a start. 

NPR - France Passes Law That Makes A Coronavirus Health Pass Required For Dining And Travel


Please, for the love of facts - read some credible media, do your research. If you still don't want it, fine - then stay home; if you go out, wear a mask and protect yourself and others.

If you disagree with the statements above or below, we would love to hear why - email subject: Vaccine

We wrote this intro below in our email newsletter last week and got some good responses - listed below. It's a little redundant but provided for context. Please also find some links to helpful articles below, and let's all hope that we get past this Delta Variant wave without massive disruptions and loss of life.

Huge props to promoters and businesses stepping up and requiring vaccination cards for entrance - it's a start in the right direction. 

Email Newsletter Sent July 23rd.

Frustration. That is the word that many of us are embracing right now as we see a potential regression from what seemed to be so much positive momentum in the reopening of our country. The return of festivals, nightlife, and mask mandates lifted for those who have been vaccinated has been a bit surreal and very encouraging.

Now we have the Delta Variant of the virus surging in places where people refuse to get vaccinated, and it's not showing any signs of slowing down. We are rapidly heading back in the wrong direction. Those who are not vaccinated are at serious risk of getting COVID. They are putting everyone else at risk and the economic recovery. It's infuriating.

As someone who believes in science and not in conspiracy theories (no, the vaccine does NOT magnetize you), this is hard to take. We have a solution; it's readily available. Statistically, it's been proven very safe in preventing you from getting COVID or getting very mild symptoms if you get the Delta Variant, which is happening to some vaccinated people.

California is already going back to masks, and infections are going back up in just about every state. We once again might be rolling into the fall and winter with a serious chance of mask mandates and restrictions returning, all because people refuse to get vaccinated.

The live music industry can't take much more of this, nor can many other sectors. Are vaccine passports going to emerge here in the U.S. like what's happening in France? Maybe, and maybe that's a fair solution. Don't want to get vaxed? Then don't come to festivals, restaurants, and other public gatherings where you are putting everyone at risk.

This is a critical point in the pandemic; hopefully, people wake up, and we can turn the tide and beat this thing.

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If you disagree, we would love to hear why - or if you have something to say on the matter, let us know. Email with subject line DELTA and we will put together a post contrasting the opinions.

Some Email Responses.

"Amen to that" - Anonymous

"You're ducking [sic] stupid if you think it's the unvaccinated getting sick, the majority sick right now are vaccinated.

Check the number of deaths from this vaccine. It's in the thousands. And the delta variant is hay fever. Do some more research before you host your ignorant opinions in your newsletter. Unsubscribe." - Leah S.

This response above was a gem, literally pulling stats out of thin air - or maybe from a conspiracy theory site. Leah, maybe read this Fact Check article - Fact check: Vaccine Adverse Reporting System isn't proof of COVID-19 vaccine deaths

"Firstly, I find it suspicious that your magazine stands behind the idea that vaccines don't magnetize you, yet the site is LITERALLY called magneticmag..... All jokes aside, I agree with you 100% on this issue. The funny thing is that it often seems to be those who are most belligerent about masks and lockdowns who want to go out the most to restaurants and so on. I have seen this firsthand, a lot.

I don't want to sound political, and I am surprised that my talking about this issue I probably will end up doing so. Before the pandemic, being anti-vaxx or anti-government just for the sake of it was a bipartisan thing, with each side having a difficult fringe.

The reality now is that we know for a fact that about half the country is inclined to want to do the opposite of whatever they hear from certain people or political parties.

As for festivals, they should 100% set up a vaccine passport situation. It is perfectly legal, good luck suing a private business for doing that, and I can't see how they would lose any business over it.

Venues and restaurants have it tough, as they have less control than festivals(they aren't in the middle of nowhere like a festival, and will just end up being targeted by belligerents filming themselves making trouble for venues who mandate a vaccine card or so on).

But I think festivals should unashamedly take up the vaccine passport route." - sdfam

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