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Premiere: Hypho X Abstrakt Sonance - Take It Or Leave It (Feat. Rakjay) [IFSDIGI005]

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features the artists Hypho, Abstrakt Sonance & Rakjay with their track "Take it or Leave it." This one is out soon via the record label Infernal Sounds.
Hypho X Abstrakt Sonance - Take It Or Leave It (Feat Rakjay) [IFSDIGI005]

Hypho X Abstrakt Sonance - Take It Or Leave It (Feat Rakjay) [IFSDIGI005]

It's no secret that Hypho and Rakjay have been a formidable force in music within the last 2 years, whether its via digital or wax format, Hypho has been supplying the beats with Rakjay lacing together very cold lyrics over the top. They've been releasing on a handful of eclectic labels and its quite the partnership. 

Now, If you throw Abstrakt Sonance into the mix, with his raw versatile production style, you just know you're onto a winner. I've followed Abstrakt for quite some time now and have always been a huge fan of his production sound, whether its his heavyweight militant approach to dubstep, or the lighter, more intricate style he can create. He's a hugely skilled producer and this three way link-up is way overdue.

Infernal Sounds always seem to have their finger on the trigger when it comes to releases and this ones no different. We were asked to premiere the track "Take it or Leave it," which you can listen to below.

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Hypho X Abstrakt Sonnance - Take it or Leave it [Feat Rakjay]:

This one a heavyweight thing. The intro starts of pretty sparse, you hear a few echoed noises, and some type of distorted siren, leading you up to the drop. Just before it drops you hear Rakjay's signature "Yo," then all hell breaks loose. The sub weight on this drop properly rattles your chest. 

Production on this really needs to be respected. They've partnered distorted 808's with such clean sub-basses. It drops with just the instrumental playing for the 1st 16 bars, however Rakjay's flow comes in after about 32 with such infectious audacity. He takes ownership of the track in those small segments he's emceeing, which is exactly what you want your emcee to do. The track is forthcoming on July 9th via all the normal online platforms.

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