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Proc Fiskal Releasing New Album 'Siren Spine Sysex' On Hyperdub

Proc Fiskal has released a new track from the project “Leith Tornn Carnal” today.
Proc Fiskal

Proc Fiskal

Scottish producer Proc Fiskal has announced a new album Siren Spine Sysex that will arrive in the fall on Hyperdub. A new track “Leith Tornn Carnal” is available today.

The album samples Gaelic, Irish and English folk music, twisting them with grime and shimmering club music. Two grandfathers and a great aunt were all folk musicians, so the background is there. But this is a dance album with textured and modern electronic music.

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Siren Spine Sysex will be released on September 24th. Pre-order your copy here. This will be Fiskal's sophomore album following his debut Insula in 2018.


1. Anti Chessst
2. Convaerge Iana
3. Humancargoe Estt
4. Recall [Throate Achres]
5. Met Path Thoth
6. 8 Mgapixel See Thru Phone
7. Thurs Jung Youtz
8. Her In
9. The Most Beautiful Irish Song
10.Leith Tornn Carnal
11. Auld Peop
12. Iaosiphsean Powers
13. God Aed
14. Roman Fatigue

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